What’s In Store For 2024, Spring Shipping & More!

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What a year it’s been! 2023 was filled with great garden memories and interesting plant additions that filled landscapes with new scents, texture, and contrast. Along with all the gardening fun, there were a few surprises, including an update to the USDA growing zones. But what’s gardening without a few surprises, right? 

Here we’ll discuss information about ordering your plants for 2024, what to know about the recent USDA growing zone changes, special announcements, and more!

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What To Expect in 2024:

New Plant Varieties

The excitement is real! The plants in our 2024 collection were chosen for their unrivaled performance, style, and disease resistance. Don’t worry; we kept all your favorites, including hydrangea, arborvitae, coral bells, roses, and more. We’ll also be expanding our inventory to add a large selection of new and award-winning perennials and shrubs to gardeners across the U.S and Canada! From plants for rain gardens and cut flowers to native pollinator plantings, these plants are sure to stun no matter the purpose of your landscape. Find something new for your garden in 2024 HERE.

Check out some award-winning plants we’re looking forward to:

Expanded Shipping

Great Garden Plants is proud to announce we can now ship to Canada! When shopping in Canada, the website will auto-redirect to the Canadian version of our website with prices reflected in CAD. Finally, gardeners in Canada can access a vast collection of perennials, shrubs, ground covers, and more that were never available to them before and at highly competitive shipping rates. Any duties or taxes will be charged at checkout. 

USDA Growing Zone Changes

The USDA has updated its plant hardiness zone map for the first time in 10 years. There have been many changes to this map, with some growing zones shifting to warmer climate zones. Half of the United States has shifted to warmer growing zones, but most gardeners will only see their zone change by a letter. This means that some plants previously thought to acclimate well to certain climates may no longer be considered hardy in your growing zone. But this news isn’t all bad! Plants that were not considered robust for your zone may now be hardy, opening your landscape to new colors and textures. Discover whether your gardening zone changed by clicking HERE.

When Does 2024 Spring Shipping Open?

Shipping for spring 2024 plants starts as early as March 11th, 2024, for zones 7-10! Eager to get started? Reserve your plants now for available spring shipping dates! This ensures you receive your favorite plants and new varieties before selling out, which means less worrying and more gardening. Here is the full 2024 shipping schedule:

2024 Shipping Schedule

Zone 3: May 6 – Oct 18
Zone 4: Apr 22 – Oct 18
Zone 5: Apr 8 – Oct18
Zone 6: Apr 1 – Oct 18
Zone 7: March 11 – Nov 8
Zone 8-10: March 11 – Nov 8

Written by: Lindsey Griffith, click here to read bio.

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