What Is the Best Spacing for Ground Covers?

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Some of our most commonly asked questions are in regards to plant spacing, specifically with ground covers! How far should ground covers be spaced and how long will it take to fully cover an area? Proper spacing can create some confusion because there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on a number of factors – what look you want, the size of the plant, growing conditions, budget, etc. While it can be hard to give each gardener an exact number, we do provide spacing ranges for each plant.

Plant spacing is normally given as a range; for example, 6-12″. If you live in a cold climate and/or want plants to fill in more quickly, plan to space at the shorter end of the range. If you live in a warm climate, are on a limited budget, or are willing to wait longer for plants to touch, use the higher end of the range. There really isn’t a maximum spacing for your plants. They can be planted as far away from each other as you like! However, it is important to consider the minimum spacing. Planting too closely will cause your plants to crowd each other – which leads to stress.

With that being said, here are our recommendations for our most popular ground covers:

a ground cover spacing chart

Did you know we also sell some of our favorite ground covers as landscape plugs? Using landscape plugs is best for filling large spaces! We sell them in 32-cell trays for transforming your garden quickly with a lower budget.

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