Top Spring Blooming Flowers That Are Deer-Resistant

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Deer-Resistant Spring-Blooming Plants

Spring blooms mean new beginnings. Beautiful perennials begin to blossom, and wildlife begins to come alive again, much like we do. Unfortunately, this also means deer start to feed on many garden plants like a buffet: leaving spring-blooming flowers broken and lifeless. Most of this garden damage is done during the springtime because of new and tender growth that deer are attracted to. Here, we list our top spring-blooming flowers that will add a vibrant pop of color to your garden and keep deer at bay. This list includes deer-resistant plants that make excellent ground covers, while others are perfect for shade. As a bonus: some of these deer-resistant perennials can even bloom all summer long!

What Makes a Flower Deer-Resistant?

First things first: what are deer-resistant plants? In order for a plant to be deer resistant, it’s considered that the deer generally pay them no mind due to a strong scent, bitter flavor, texture or painful thorns and stems. It’s important to keep in mind that deer-resistant does not equal deer-proof and no plant is completely deer resistant. These are plants that deer tend to avoid, but deer and other animals will eat nearly any plant if they are hungry enough. Remember, like all things in life: good things take time and preparation, so plan on planting these deer-resistant flowers the previous fall to reap the benefits of a vibrant garden come spring. 

'I See Stars' Siberian Iris

I See Stars’ Siberian iris is a graceful addition that deer and rabbits avoid. Even in areas where these animals dwell, they generally go untouched despite their irresistible color. We certainly aren’t ignoring this flower: this elegant perennial stands out wherever you plant it, featuring bold blue blooms and delicate white details during spring. This late spring-blooming flower also loves wet soil, so be sure to plant this near ponds or in a rain garden. Plant in your garden, and you’ll be surprised at how carefree it is!

'I See Stars' Siberian Iris Spring Blooming Flowers
Beautiful pink 'do tell' peony

'Do Tell' Peony

Never again will you have to sacrifice beautiful blooms for deer resistance. ‘Do Tell’ Peony is generally avoided by deer, loved by pollinators, and adds a romantic pink color to your spring garden. Delightful bright bowl-shaped flowers bloom heavily from late spring to early summer. If you’re planting in your outdoors, find a sunny spot in your garden and watch this plant thrive with little care. You can also try cutting this flower; vivid blooms from peony flowers can last in a vase for over a week. 

'Paint The Town Magenta' Dianthus

Even in hot climates, you can count on ‘Paint the Town Magenta’ dianthus from Proven Winners to bloom its heart out in your spring garden. Their color is so bright as to practically glow in the landscape, and the deep violet center of each flower adds to the effect. These dianthus are ideal additions to rock gardens, flower gardens, and landscaping, and their neat evergreen foliage is very nice along the edge of a path or garden bed during late spring/early summer. Luckily deer pay these show-stopping spring flowers no mind. 

'Paint The Town Magenta' Dianthus Deer Resistant Plants
'Bowles' Periwinkle Vine deer resistant plants

'Bowles' Periwinkle Vine

Never again will you have to sacrifice colorful blooms in order to ward off dear! Also known as vinca or myrtle, ‘Bowles’ Periwinkle Vine is known for its lavender flowers that bloom in spring, glossy foliage, and clump-forming habit- so it is more sedate in spreading. And the best part? Deer generally tend to avoid them! This shade-loving deer-resistant perennial is also drought-tolerant once established, making it a durable ground cover choice for beginner gardeners.

'Storm Cloud' Bluestar

‘Storm Cloud’ Bluestar blooms in late spring, featuring beautiful, starry blue flowers. Even butterflies will linger in your garden to admire this native perennial. While you can count the pollinators in, you can be sure the deer will count bluestar out. Despite its swoon-worthy appearance, deer generally tend to avoid these flowers! You can even enjoy these delicate flowers in cut arrangements; the possibilities are endless for this durable plant.

starry blue flowers on bluestar perennial
'Biedermeier Mix' Columbine Deer Resistant Plants

'Biedermeier Mix' Columbine

‘Biedermeir Mix’ Columbine is an old-fashioned favorite that deer generally tend to avoid. Columbine is perfect for the perennial, cottage, or woodland garden, which is great because those are typically the places deer call home. Nodding spring blooms rise above the foliage on short, sturdy stems. Enjoy an array of colors, including red, pink, blue, and white flowers with curved spurs. The different color combinations allow you to get creative with these flowers – try mixing in cut flower bouquets!

'Spot On' Lungwort

‘Spot On’ lungwort (Pulmonaria) thrives in the shade and boasts a surprisingly colorful display of flowers in early spring. Say goodbye to winter with salmon pink flower buds as they open to cobalt blue flowers.  After its bloom season, ‘Spot On’ Lungwort still steals the show with silver-speckled foliage. These deer-resistant plants for shade are also low-maintenance and thrive in cool, moist sites. This plant is also rabbit, and disease resistant.

'Spot On' Lungwort Deer Resistant Plants
Blue Star Creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis) Spring Blooming Flower

Blue Star Creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis)

Cover your landscape with Blue Star Creeper: a starry carpet of soft blue blooms during the spring that then turns to long-blooming flowers in the summer. This ground cover is popular at Great Garden Plants for a reason: Blue star creeper tolerates foot traffic, making it an excellent lawn alternative for those looking to add more color and texture to their landscape. While deer may walk through this lovely spring-blooming ground cover, they generally avoid taking a nibble.

Bloomerang® Purpink™ Lilac

Lilacs that bloom in the spring represent renewal and confidence. Welcome in the good gardening vibes with hundreds of flowers that bloom from spring to fall. The Bloomerang® series of lilacs from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs were selected for their compact habit and incredibly long bloom time. While this flower is sweetly scented and enchanting to humans, deer tend to avoid these. As an added bonus, these deer-resistant plants are low maintenance as well.

Bloomerang® Purpink™ Lilac Deer Resistant Plants
Czechmark Trilogy® Weigela Spring Blooming Flower

Czechmark Trilogy® Weigela

Czechmark Trilogy™ transforms the standard with a remarkable three-color bloom during late spring. Clusters of 1/2″ funnel-shaped flowers have a colorful array of white, pink, and red for a crown jewel performance in late spring to early summer and are perfect for pink flower lovers. Butterflies and hummingbirds love these beautiful flowers too, but deer generally tend to avoid them. Guess they aren’t huge fans of the array of pink hues!

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Oh deer, didn’t find what you’re looking for? That’s okay: Great Garden Plants has a whole collection of deer-resistant plants so that you can find the missing piece for your garden! We understand how discouraging it can be when deer and other animals like rabbits constantly nibble on your plants, potentially destroying months or even years of work in your garden. With these spring-blooming flowers, no longer will your garden be treated like a buffet. From perennials to shrubs and everything in between, explore our entire collection of worry-free plants deer tend to avoid. 

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