The Ultimate Mother’s Day Garden Gift Guide

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Cultivate new memories with these Mother's Day garden gifts!

If you’re looking for ideas for the garden-loving Mom in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll list some of our favorite plant recommendations depending on your Mom’s unique garden style and landscape needs. From busy moms to homesteaders and foodie fanatics, this list of recommendations is separated by specific garden needs or styles! This guide will make it easy to build a garden plan or bundle gifts together to create the ultimate Mother’s Day package.

Two women looking at each other smiling in a greenhouse

Plants For Busy Moms On The Go

Sunny garden filled with shasta daisy

Do you have a busy Mom on the go who enjoys gardening but doesn’t have the time to fuss with extra maintenance? There’s no need to make sacrifices here; you can have beautiful perennials and shrubs with little to no work at all! Consider gifting these low-maintenance garden plants: They aren’t finicky with water, soil, or really anything at all! When properly planted, these hard-to-kill plants actually thrive on neglect. 

Our low-maintenance recommendations:

Shasta Daisy with vivid white blooms
Amazing Daisies® Daisy May® Shasta Daisy
  • Blooms prolifically to form a white blanket of flowers!
  • Compact habit makes it perfect for smaller spaces and containers.
  • No deadheading required!


Purple salvia plants in an ourdoor garden
'May Night' Salvia
  • Abundant indigo flowering spikes attract pollinators!
  • Enjoy blooms all summer long.
  • Stiff habit remains upright.
  • Deer-resistant and easy to grow.
Close up of the bright yellow blooms of the 'Happy Returns' Daylily
‘Happy Returns’ Daylily
  • Cheery yellow flowers bloom for months!
  • Compact in habit, perfect for smaller beds or borders.
  • Easy to grow and low maintenance for beginners.
Pink flowers on spirea shrub
Double Play Doozie® Reblooming Spirea
  • Enjoy pink-red blooms from early summer-frost.
  • Perfect for a long-blooming low hedge.
  • Both high performance and low maintenance!

Moms Who Host Everyone (Even The Pollinators!)

This collection of plants supports pollinators, so Mom can feel confident her garden is making a positive impact on the ecosystem. From bees to butterflies, these perennials and shrubs attract pollinators with an abundance of nectar and pollen, while also providing a haven from the elements year-round.

If Mom wants to take it a step further, they can create a complete pollinator sanctuary and become the perfect “host” for these crucial creatures. 

Plants for pollinator gardens:

starry blue flowers on bluestar perennial
‘Storm Cloud’ Bluestar
  • Starry, light blue flowers bloom atop dark stems!
  • Native perennial from Proven Winners thrives with little care.
  • Incredibly durable and tolerant of heat, cold, and drought.
Monarch butterfly feeding on milkweed plant
'Cinderella' Swamp Milkweed
  • Clusters of pink flowers are filled with nectar!
  • Lance-shaped leaves feed Monarch caterpillars.
  • Low maintenance native perennial.
purple coneflowers in the garden
‘Purple Emperor’ Coneflower
  • Enjoy rich magenta blooms for 3+ months!
  • Easy care! Drought tolerant and deer resistant.
  • Perfect addition to any sunny garden.
close up of bee on white fizzy mizzy flower spike
Fizzy Mizzy™ Sweetspire
  • Enjoy tons of bright white flower spikes in early summer.
  • Its fragrant blooms attract pollinators!
  • Compact, shade-tolerant & deer-resistant.

The Ultimate Garden Collector

Is your Mom searching for something a little out of the ordinary? We’re confident she won’t be able to find these rare plants at her local garden center! These rare plants feature striking foliage, exotic flowers, or an unusual habit, sure to wow anybody who lays eyes on them. Just be warned: she won’t be able to keep people from “Oohing and ahhing” at her new plants.

Rare & unusual garden plants:

Kintzley's Ghost® Honeysuckle along a white fence
Kintzley’s Ghost® Honeysuckle
  • Unique foliage adds stunning texture and unique interest to your garden.
  • Yellow trumpet blooms and blue foliage attract butterflies.
  • Non-invasive & easy to care for!
Close up image of blue and purple cranesbill flowers
'Delft Blue' Cranesbill
  • White petals are speckled with splashes of indigo blue.
  • Easy to care for! A great choice for a low-maintenance ground cover.
  • Enjoy blooms all summer long.
purple iris flowers
‘Black Gamecock’ Louisiana Iris
  • Deep purple and near-black flowers bloom in late spring and early summer.
  • Known for its “outrageous vigor.”
  • Native perennial that multiplies quickly in moist soils.
close up image of orange blackberry lily flowers
‘Freckle Face’ Blackberry Lily
  • Flowers bloom in late summer with orange petals and prominent red freckles!
  • Clusters of seeds extend interest into winter.
  • Iris-like foliage looks appealing from spring to fall.

Moms That Love To Make a Statement

If Mom wants to level up her garden, she can achieve a spectacle of flowers and textures with these statement shrubs! From large hydrangea flowers and vibrant rose shrubs to evergreen beauties that brighten the landscape during gloomy winter days, these shrubs can become the star of any garden. Don’t let their appearance fool you into believing they are high maintenance; gifting mom one of these shrubs will guarantee eye-catching beauty in her garden without doing all the extra work.

Our favorite statement shrubs:

pink butterfly bush
'Miss Molly' Butterfly Bush
  • Giant blooms are bursting with color!
  • Blooms all summer, even without deadheading.
  • Drought-tolerant, deer-resistant, and versatile.
Pink, purple, and blue hydrangea flowers
Let’s Dance Sky View® Bigleaf Hydrangea
  • Breathtaking flower power packed into a compact shrub!
  • Flowers have dreamy pastel hues.
  • Easy to grow – even for beginners.
Close up image of pink rose flowers
Reminiscent™ Pink Rose
  • Soft pink flowers have a high petal count.
  • Flowers boast a delightful fragrance!
  • Enjoy continuous blooms without deadheading.
White flower pillars from a mock orange shrub
Illuminati Tower® Mock Orange
  • Hundreds of fragrant white flowers in spring!
  • Narrow, columnar habit works well anywhere.
  • Low maintenance and deer resistant.

Small On Space But Not On Style

Container plants offer mom the versatility to easily personalize her landscape with vibrant plants and add new dimensions to any patio, porch, deck or commercial space. Aside from swapping plants, Mom can easily change up her style by swapping the container or moving them throughout the landscape. From creating a container pathway along a patio to accenting a small porch or window box, these perennials and shrubs thrive in containers and look good while doing so.

Beautiful & reliable container plants:

Blue hydrangeas planted in patio containers

Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha® Mountain Hydrangea

  • Reblooming hydrangea promises flowers all summer long!
  • Double florets look like waterlilies.
  • Compact size is perfect for small spaces and containers.
Weigela plant in a silver pot

My Monet® Weigela

  • Variegated weigela for stunning foliage interest and pink blooms!
  • Versatile dwarf habit.
  • More shade tolerant than most weigela.
Perfecto Mundo Double Pink Azalea with light pink blooms planted in a pot

Perfecto Mundo® Double Pink Reblooming Azalea

  • Innovative reblooming azalea.
  • Enjoy 5+ months of double blooms.
  • Bright green foliage is evergreen in mild climates.
Dolce Wildberry coral bells has vibrant purple foliage

Dolce® ‘Wildberry’ Coral Bells

  • Irresistible color!
  • Stunning rich purple foliage adds unique color to shaded gardens
  • Large ruffled leaves keep their color all summer.

The Absolute Food Fanatic

If you have a mother or grandmother passionate about cooking, consider gifting them one of these plants, perfect for food lovers! Imagine the excitement when they can access delicious and complex flavors right outside their doorstep. The fruit or petals from these plants can act as a flavor accent or a focal point of the culinary creation. The possibilities for these edible plants are endless, from sweet jams to savory pizzas.

Foodie favorite edible garden plants:

Blackberries in a clay cup

Taste of Heaven™ Blackberry

  • Thornless blackberry with sweet, flavorful fruit!
  • Tastes delicious in desserts, canned or eaten fresh.
  • Perfect specimen plant or addition to any edible garden.
Sky Dew™ Gold Vaccinium blueberries

Sky Dew™ Gold Vaccinium

  • Ornamental AND edible!
  • Bright yellow foliage takes on warm fall colors.
  • Produces sweet blueberries in summer, perfect for canning or desserts.
Pink edible rose flowers next to a pizza

Flavorette Pear'd™ Rose

  • Edible rose with a light pear flavor, perfect for foodie creations!
  • Reblooming soft pink rose flowers stun for months.
  • Disease-resistant introduction from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs.
Close up image of a fig fruit

‘Brown Turkey’ Fig

  • Fast-growing fig, great in edible gardens or privacy screens.
  • Produces sweet fruit twice a year, including the first year!
  • Perfect for snacking or preserving.

Moms Who Appreciate Some Alone Time

Is your Mom looking to transform her landscape into a private oasis or shield herself from pesky neighbors? This collection of privacy and screening plants will help her achieve those goals. Privacy fences don’t have to be drab; they can feature attractive flowers, textures, foliage, and more. Consider some of the Great Garden Plants team favorites for fast-growing vertical interest.

Plants for privacy fences & hedges:

Full Speed A Hedge 'American Pillar' Arborvitae Trees in a line behind a woman

Full Speed A Hedge® ‘American Pillar’ Arborvitae

  • The fastest way to grow your own privacy fence.
  • Can grow up to 2’/year under ideal conditions.
  • Narrow habit saves space.
Bloomerang Lilac with dark purple blooms planted in a landscape

Bloomerang® Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac

  • Enjoy flowers in spring and summer.
  • Stunning dark purple blooms from Proven Winners.
  • Very easy to grow- great for beginners.
Incrediball Smooth Hydrangeas creating an arching privacy hedge wall

Incrediball® Smooth Hydrangea

  • Massive, pristine white flowers reach 12 inches!
  • White flowers fade to chartreuse green.
  • Flowers last for over four weeks when cut.
Rose of sharon planted next to hydrangeas in a privacy hedge

Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon

  • Space-saving columnar habit!
  • Enjoy purple blooms all summer long.
  • Makes a stunning flowering privacy hedge or specimen plant.

The Cottage Garden Grandmother

We all know the beloved “Fairy Godmother” and her sweet and kind nature. We also envision her garden filled with these plants! We’re absolutely in love with the whimsical flowers and contrasting textures that are a signature aesthetic of a cottage garden. Cottage gardens are often filled with an abundance of informal plantings, contrasting textures, and interesting habits, sure to charm the pants off anyone who lays eyes on them.

Our cottage garden favorites:

Climbing roses trailed along an arbor

Garden Sun™ Climbing Rose

  • Large, 5″ flowers bloom for over five months!
  • Easy to train on a trellis, wall, or arbor.
  • Light fragrance fills the garden.
Purple foxglove flowers in the garden

'Dalmatian Purple' Foxglove

  • Floriferous perennial with purple bell-shaped flowers.
  • Blooms in its first year.
  • Deer-resistant, container friendly, and easy to grow.
orange yarrow flowers in a cottage garden

‘Firefly Peach Sky’ Yarrow

  • Very sturdy – no flopping or splaying!
  • Appealing, versatile color looks amazing in woodland gardens.
  • Deer and rabbit resistant.
Close up of the globe-shaped purple flowers on the 'Serendipity' Allium

'Serendipity' Allium

  • Electric purple flowers are pollinator magnets!
  • Handsome blue foliage & whimsical blooms.
  • Adapts to many soil types.

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Written by: Lindsey Griffith, click here to read bio.

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