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spring blooming hedge featuring delicate blue flowers

Top 10 Spring Blooming Flowers

Say goodbye to your winter blues! With sunny days and warm temperatures on the horizon, we can tell that spring is right around the corner. When you see these flowers, you know spring is in full swing.

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Red burning bush in outdoor garden

Alternatives to Burning Bush

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) is widely used as a specimen plant or privacy hedge for its vigorous growth, easy-care nature, and brilliant red fall foliage. Unfortunately, it is considered to be invasive in certain areas, which is why shipment is restricted to some states.

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Arborvitae in pot inside the Great Garden Plants greenhouse

Top 4 Arborvitae Trees

If you’re looking for a colorful and fast-growing privacy hedge for your landscape, arborvitae is hard to beat. In just a few years, young plants quickly grow to create a lush, green wall that provides four seasons of privacy.

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Pretty pink dianthus flowers

8 Plants to Swoon Over This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…and soon to be in your garden with these swoon-worthy plants. From heart-shaped flowers and leaves to classic roses and even flowers featuring cupid’s favorite color palette or an irresistible scent, this selection of 8 plants will have you believing in love at first sight.

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Black Cat Pussywillow plants in a large field

Black Cat® Pussywillow – February 2021

Black Cat® Pussywillow has earned recognition as our February 2021 Plant of the Month for its fuzzy catkins and late winter interest! This shrub kicks off the gardening season as early as possible. Starting in late winter, you’ll see long, straight stems peppered with silvery-pink and black buds.

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beautiful coneflowers inside the great garden plants greenhouse

A Look at our Greenhouse

Here at Great Garden Plants, we strive to give you the best gardening experience, and it all starts right in our greenhouses. We’re located in scenic west Michigan, where we grow hundreds of perennials, shrubs, ground covers, roses, hedge plants, and so much more. You’ll find exciting new varieties as well as tried and true garden classics.

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