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Tropical looking pink flower

8 Tropical-Looking Flowers for Cold (& Hot!) Climates

Longing for a vacation to a tropical oasis? No need to book a flight when you can bring the vibrancy and magic of the tropics to your own backyard! These 8 perennials and shrubs may have exotic blooms, but you won’t have to worry about the cold stopping their show year after year. With these curated picks, you’ll think you’ve been transported to someplace tropical with just a step outside your door.

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Garden full of large white hydrangeas

How to Create a Hydrangea Hedge

Hedges serve an important purpose in the garden – creating privacy, covering eyesores, and adding structure to the landscape. Arborvitaes, boxwoods, and tall ornamental grasses fit the role of traditional hedges with their large habits and lush foliage.

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Image of the At Last Rose in a quart size and a gallon size sitting in a greenhouse

Big Plants, Even Bigger Impact!

We’re pleased to offer a selection of Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs in robust one-gallon sizes. They say you can’t buy time, but that’s what happens when you buy a gallon plant – we’ve spent an extra year, sometimes two or more, growing them so you reap the benefits.

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