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New Great Garden Plants Christmas ornament

Mini Christmas & Holiday Trees: A new way to use arborvitae

Whether you’re a gardener, houseplant lover, or just a great gift giver, our new mini Holiday/Christmas trees are the perfect way to spread cheer. While classic Christmas trees are usually firs or pines, our favorite arborvitaes (or Thuja) might be even better. Why? Their smaller stature makes them suited for entryways, patio containers, and tabletops.

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Pretty pink dianthus flowers

8 Plants to Swoon Over This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…and soon to be in your garden with these swoon-worthy plants. From heart-shaped flowers and leaves to classic roses and even flowers featuring cupid’s favorite color palette or an irresistible scent, this selection of 8 plants will have you believing in love at first sight.

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