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Black Scallop bugleweed growing in shade under a tree.

9 Best Perennial Ground Covers for Shade

Often times shady spots are neglected in gardens, especially tough-to-fill sites under trees, shrubs, or structures. While you could spread mulch and call it a day, you could up your garden game by planting shade-tolerant ground covers instead!

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variety of leafy plants in a range of colors

Introducing Feathered Friends™ Bugleweed

Bugleweed (Ajuga) is a powerhouse in the garden. This foolproof perennial groundcover is durable and low maintenance, making gardening a breeze. Varieties like ‘Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Black Scallop’ have gained popularity among gardeners for their colorful and textured foliage, blue flower spikes, and easy-going nature.

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