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colorwheel for companion plants

Garden Design Basics: Color

Color isn’t just for paintings; it has its place in your garden too! With proper planning, color can make your garden look more balanced and really help tie the landscape together!

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Delicate lavender flowers

Lavender: Secrets to Success

It is said that the scent of lavender relieves stress – but as many people will tell you, the idea of growing it does just the opposite. Many have been disappointed with their attempts to grow this popular, fragrant perennial, but that doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

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Close up of the bright yellow flowers on a forsythia shrub

This Month in the Garden: April

April is finally here! April is the start of the gardening season for most zones, and we don’t know about you, but after a long winter, we want nothing more than to get out into our gardens and get digging.

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close up of Scentara Pure lilac flowers

6 Fragrant Flowers for Spring

We love fragrant flowers, but then again, who doesn’t? While blooms will always reign supreme in the hierarchy of wonderful plant characteristics, their fragrance is easily our second favorite part. What makes fragrance so special? Maybe it’s that these scents are so often tied back to memories.

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Daffodil plants in the greenhouse

This Month in the Garden: March

March is in full swing, and so is spring! For gardeners everywhere, tasks are starting to pop up around the garden, for some more than others. To make it simple, we’ve broken down some of the tasks to take care of in your garden this March, let’s get digging!

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