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Vibrant fall plants featuring bright brown, red, and orange colors

Our Guide for Fall Planting

The start of fall may signal the gardening season is coming to a close, but it’s not over yet! There is still plenty of time to enjoy colorful flowers and foliage, or even sprinkle in some new perennials and shrubs before winter arrives. Even with cold temperatures approaching, the soil remains warm for much longer, which gives your new plants time to grow roots and establish in your garden. In some areas, planting in the fall is more favorable than planting in spring!

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Green hosta planted in an outdoor garden

Questions Answered Series: Hostas

Hostas are known for commanding attention in the shade garden. Thick corrugated leaves form graceful mounds of foliage that keep their appeal from spring to fall. Their versatility is what makes them extra special, apart or together. No matter which shape, size, color, or textured hostas you choose, you can count on them being reliable and easy to grow in containers, garden beds, and city environments.

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Ringo Allstar roses after being freshly watered

Questions Answered Series: Roses (Rosa)

With blooms this beautiful, it’s no wonder roses are a garden classic! Flowers are bursting with vibrant petals, adding long-lasting color – and even fragrance – to the garden for up to five months. Dress them up in elegant rose gardens or keep them casual in cottage gardens. Either way, roses steal the show wherever you plant them.

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Clay pots

What size pots should I use for container plantings?

Don’t let the fear of space keep you from buying more plants. That’s how the saying goes, right? Even when garden beds fill up quickly, it’s easy to find extra room for plants using containers in your yard or on decks, patios, and porches. Containers are great for mixing and matching, growing fussy plants, and showcasing your favorites in prominent places.

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