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Thuja trees forming a hedge

Questions Answered Series: Arborvitae (Thuja)

If you’re looking to add structure, privacy, and lush green foliage to your garden, then arborvitae (or Thuja) is probably the shrub for you. They can be short, tall, rounded, pyramidal, green, or blue, which means there really is an arborvitae for every garden.

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New Great Garden Plants Christmas ornament

Mini Christmas & Holiday Trees: A new way to use arborvitae

Whether you’re a gardener, houseplant lover, or just a great gift giver, our new mini Holiday/Christmas trees are the perfect way to spread cheer. While classic Christmas trees are usually firs or pines, our favorite arborvitaes (or Thuja) might be even better. Why? Their smaller stature makes them suited for entryways, patio containers, and tabletops.

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Arborvitae in pot inside the Great Garden Plants greenhouse

Top 4 Arborvitae Trees

If you’re looking for a colorful and fast-growing privacy hedge for your landscape, arborvitae is hard to beat. In just a few years, young plants quickly grow to create a lush, green wall that provides four seasons of privacy.

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Large arborvitae trees used to make a privacy hedge

A Guide to Privacy Hedge Plants

A Privacy Hedge can be a great alternative to a traditional fence. There are a number of different trees and shrubs that can be planted to create privacy in your yard and turn your property into a secluded space.

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