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Close up of the bright yellow flowers on a forsythia shrub

This Month in the Garden: April

April is finally here! April is the start of the gardening season for most zones, and we don’t know about you, but after a long winter, we want nothing more than to get out into our gardens and get digging.

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Daffodil plants in the greenhouse

This Month in the Garden: March

March is in full swing, and so is spring! For gardeners everywhere, tasks are starting to pop up around the garden, for some more than others. To make it simple, we’ve broken down some of the tasks to take care of in your garden this March, let’s get digging!

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white hydrangeas and lavender planted in large field

What Are the USDA Hardiness Zones?

Here at Great Garden Plants, we’ll set you up with the best gardening experience, and it starts with selecting the right plants for you. There are a few factors that determine whether a plant will feel at home in your garden, including temperature, rainfall, soil type, drainage, and light.

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Watering Proven Winners plants

How Much Water Should I Give My Plants?

Gauging how much water your garden needs can be difficult, as there really isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. Weather, soil type, light, and type of plants influence how much you should water, and they’re all different in every garden!

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Person digging in soil near pink flowers

Digging Deeper: Soil Types

When we think about gardens, we usually envision the leaves, stems, and flowers of plants, but what about growth below ground? The roots are considered to be the “hidden half” of the plant. They’re essential to the plant’s success, providing anchorage and absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.

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Clay pots

What size pots should I use for container plantings?

Don’t let the fear of space keep you from buying more plants. That’s how the saying goes, right? Even when garden beds fill up quickly, it’s easy to find extra room for plants using containers in your yard or on decks, patios, and porches. Containers are great for mixing and matching, growing fussy plants, and showcasing your favorites in prominent places.

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Shrubs and trees during a harsh winter day

4 Tips for Winterizing your Shrubs

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the time where you have to think about how to care for your shrubs for winter. But fret not, as it is not as complicated as you may think; the answer may be a simple as doing nothing!

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