Sparky Clematis Will Spark Joy in Your Garden

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Clematis are known as the “queen of climbers,” and after seeing them in bloom, it’s hard to dispute this title! Clematis are woody vines that climb and weave over trellises, fences, walls, and arbors to create a tapestry of colorful blooms. Flowers come in an array of sizes, from small 4-petal flowers to massive dinner-plate blooms. However, the newest series of clematis from Proven Winners ColorChoice is unlike any you’ve ever seen before! Sparky® clematis will spark joy in your garden, and here’s why.

Phenomenal Flowers

Textured Pinwheel Blooms Are Truly One-Of-A-Kind

Have you ever seen flowers quite this intricate? Clematis flowers are generally known for having 4-7 broad petals, but Sparky® breaks the mold with textured pinwheel-like blooms. Narrow colorful sepals cluster together to form a spikey flower! Flower buds open facing downwards, and then slowly raise up as they fully bloom. The result is an elegant display of flowers facing in every direction, which means they look stunning at any angle.

Though it blooms mainly in spring, it continues to create additional flowers throughout the summer in Michigan. Like other clematis, spent flowers add an extra textural element to the plant. After the petals fall, they leave behind fuzzy seed heads. Each seed is attached to a long tuft of hair for efficient wind dispersal!

Low Maintenance Beauty

Easy To Grow Means It's Easy To Enjoy

Close up of purple blooms and green foliage on a clematis plant

Sparky® is a vigorous vine that is easy to train on structures. It’s a group 1 clematis, which means it blooms in the spring on old wood. This means that they set their flower buds for 2021 back in 2020. Similar to hydrangeas, pruning an old wood clematis should be avoided because you would be removing future flower buds! Since the spent flowers add textural interest, there’s no need to deadhead flowers either. That makes this clematis nearly maintenance-free!

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Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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