Sedum & Delosperma

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The Drought-Tolerant Duo: Sedum & Delosperma

Need Color? We've Got You Covered!

Transform any sunny, dry spot from ho-hum to holy cow with the super colorful combination of Hot Cakes® ‘Banana Blast’ Ice Plant and Sunsparkler® ‘Firecracker’ Stonecrop. The bright yellow blooms of the ice plant will weave along with the purple-red foliage of the sedum for eye-catching color from spring through frost.

This ground cover combination is only for full sun – at least 6 hours of bright sun each day. But that’s about all these durable perennials need to thrive. They’re drought tolerant, deer resistant, and need no fertilizer, making them practically maintenance-free.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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