Pantone 2021 Color of the Year for Your Garden

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Bring The Color Pairing Of The Year Into Your Garden With These 6 Plants

Illuminating & Ultimate Gray

Two colors come together to elicit feelings of thoughtfulness and strength. Paired together, they represent hopefulness and enduring optimism. Why not capture the feeling of an everlasting warm sunshiny day in your own landscape? Below we’ve compiled a few of our favorite plants that allow you to bring the Pantone Color of the Year right into your own garden.

Close up of oso easy lemon zest rose with bright yellow bloom
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OSO Easy Lemon Zest® Rose

Illuminate your garden with this non-fading yellow rose. Sun-loving and easy to care for, this rose will make you fall in love with the flower all over again. This long-blooming beauty is disease resistant, so you never have to fear; plant in a sunny spot and bring bright color and joyful blooms to your garden each year.

'Silver Mound' Wormwood

This sun perennial has glistening silver gray-green foliage and a delicate texture that works well with any color or on its own as a focal point in the garden. Try pairing it with a summery yellow hue for stunning contrast.

Sister Golden Hair® Scotch Broom

Sister Golden Hair Scotch broom is smothered in big, bright, pure yellow flowers in spring. It boasts the largest flowers of any Scotch broom. Scotch broom is a tough plant with outstanding deer resistance and drought tolerance; you can rely on this blooming beauty year after year.

'Queen Of Hearts' Brunnera

Strong silvery gray color gives Queen of Hearts’ enduring impact in your landscape. This brunnera from Proven Winners Perennials is an updated version of the classic ‘Jack Frost’ that boasts bigger, bolder leaves, with a more pronounced heart shape and stronger silver color.

Show Off® Forsythia

A forsythia blooming in spring is just the thing to elicit joy after a long, cold winter. Show Off forsythia from Proven Winners is an extraordinary variety that was selected for its uncanny ability to create dense flower clusters along the entire length of the stem, so it looks like fluffy plumes of gold in the landscape.

'Powis Castle' Wormwood

‘Powis Castle’ has lacy silvery-gray leaves that emit a fragrance when you brush up against it. Its silvery gray-green hue is a sign of its enduring nature. Drought tolerant, this leafy wonder will make itself at home in your dry garden.

We hope these plants and gardening, in general, give you feelings of hope and happiness in 2021 and beyond.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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