Our Most Versatile Container Plant (& How to Use It 3 Ways!)

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What makes a successful mixed container planting? In our opinion, it’s a combination of colors, textures, and heights for a multidimensional display that never falls flat! Achieving this look isn’t always easy. Thankfully, we now offer a plant that is versatile enough to revive any boring container: ‘Blue Arrows’ rush.

Alright, we have to admit, pictures of this plant alone do not do it justice. That’s why we’re dedicating a whole blog to it! ‘Blue Arrows’ rush really is one of the most versatile container plants we know. It effortlessly grows in nearly any condition, including heat, drought, and even standing water. Plus, it has a narrow and compact habit that lends itself well to containers of any size. It is a full sun plant that boats upright blue-green foliage that reaches 3-4 feet tall. Like ornamental grasses, the leaf blades sway with the breeze. It may not steal the show on its own, but it is the perfect wingman, adding color, height, texture, and movement to the plant pairing.

To help you envision it in your own garden, we’ve potted it up with some of our favorite sun-loving perennials. Copy our combinations or just use our tips to construct planters of your own!

Urban Zest

Who knew ‘Blue Arrows’ rush, Solanna™ Golden Sphere tickseed, and purple sage were a match made in heaven? Solanna™ Golden Sphere produces boatloads of big, round, bright yellow blooms. They contrast with the purple foliage and stems of purple sage. Loved by cooks, gardeners, and even pollinators, purple sage boasts colorful leaves that start rich purple and age to lush green. The rush adds extra height and adds cool blue hues to the color palette. Place this container by your grill or outdoor bar so you can snag sprigs of sage as you cook!

The best part? This planter was actually made by one of our staff members! If you’re low on pots and feeling crafty, you can make your own using concrete, buckets, and rocks. Stay tuned for a DIY blog in the future.

Green grass like plants and bright orange flowers in an indoor pot
A whitewashed terracotta pot with grass, daisies, and wormwood in it

Cottagecore Container

This container might come straight from the fairytale cottage of your dreams. Amazing Daisies® ’Banana Cream’ shasta daisy boasts charming daisy flowers – with a buttery-yellow twist – adding the perfect amount of color and cheer to this collection. ‘Powis Castle’ Wormwood has a texture you need to feel to believe! It’s incredibly fluffy and fragrant to the touch, giving this mix a whimsical flare. We love the yellow and silver hues with the blue-green leaves of ‘Blue Arrows’ rush.

Want to recreate this container, too? Whitewash any terracotta pot to get a similar look! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this simple transformation.

Handles The Heat

Need a combination that can handle hot, sunny porches? Rock ‘N Round ‘Pride and Joy’ Stonecrop, ‘Paint the Town Fancy’ Dianthus, and ‘Blue Arrows’ Rush might be for you! Rock ‘N Round ‘Pride and Joy’ Stonecrop will be the pride and joy of your garden (and maybe this container) with its succulent foliage and pink clusters of flowers. Pair it with firecracker flowers, like the pink and red blooms on ‘Paint the Town Fancy’ Dianthus, for a dynamic display. All three plants, including ‘Blue Arrows’ Rush, have blue-green foliage that will keep this container feeling refreshing all season long.

Want to add even more texture? Choose a pot with a textured pattern for some extra flair!

grass like plant, pink dianthus, and green stonecrop in a white textured pot

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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