Meet ‘Pink Profusion’ Salvia, The 2024 Perennial Of The Year

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Introducing 'Pink Profusion' Salvia (Salvia nemerosa)

Find Out Why It's The Proven Winners 2024 Perennial Of The Year

Are you looking for a long-blooming perennial without all the extra maintenance? Look no further than the Proven Winners 2024 Perennial of The Year: ‘Pink Profusion’ salvia, a perennial that is truly a breeze to grow and enjoy. Its ability to adapt to various soils, drought tolerance, and flower power make it a perfect fit in nearly any sunny garden or landscape. Learn more about ‘Pink Profusion’ and why it will surely be a winner in your garden.

Pink flower spikes from 'Pink Profusion' salvia in the garden

Versatile & Great For Beginners

Proven Winners confirms time and time again that they are some of the highest-quality plants on the market. From exceptional disease and pest resistance to adaptability and vigorous growth, ‘Pink Profusion’ salvia is no exception. 

This salvia variety is exceptionally hardy to cold and warm temperatures, can tolerant tough-to-grow soils, and thrives on neglect, making it perfect for beginners. This variety is also fast-growing, so gardeners won’t have to wait long to enjoy its beauty!

'Pink Profusion' Salvia In Proven Winners Pot

Vivid Pink Flowers All Summer Long (and even longer!)

Not only does this salvia variety feature some of the most vivid pink flowers on the market but it was bred for consistent reblooming from the summer well into fall! The dark violet-pink calyx will bloom bright pink upright flower spikes in early June, then rebloom nearly every month until the first frost. 

Its long-blooming nature is also a bonus for pollinators, especially the bees, who are attracted to the vibrant colors and love to feed upon the dozens of florets. With its unprecedented disease resistance, these flowers will stun your landscape for years to come.

shows different colors of salvia flowers, pink and light purple

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Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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