Introducing Feathered Friends™ Bugleweed

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The Newest Collection Of Colorful, Hardy Bugleweeds

Bugleweed (Ajuga) is a powerhouse in the garden. This foolproof perennial groundcover is durable and low maintenance, making gardening a breeze. Varieties like ‘Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Black Scallop’ have gained popularity among gardeners for their colorful and textured foliage, blue flower spikes, and easy-going nature. While we cherish these classics, there’s a new series of bugleweed that deserves a spot in your garden! Introducing Feathered Friends™ from Garden Solutions: a series of hardy bugleweeds selected for color, vigor, and year-round interest.

Top-down view of a combination of gold, chartreuse, brown, orange, green, and black bugleweed plants sitting on a wooden deck

'Cordial Canary'

Feathered Friends™ ‘Cordial Canary’ bugleweed takes everything you love about ‘Chocolate Chip’ and turns it gold. Never seen a golden Ajuga before? That’s because this one is the very first! Brilliant yellow foliage instantly brightens shaded areas as it spreads through the garden. Even when the rest of the garden is dull and brown in the winter, this bugleweed continues to shine in warmer climates.

'Cordial Canary' Bugleweed with golden foliage in a black pot on a wooden deck
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'Fancy Finch'

Can’t decide which color of bugleweed is your favorite? Then pick ‘Fancy Finch’, which boasts three colors on its foliage! This perennial ground cover boasts tri-colored foliage. The small leaves are an assortment of gold, orange, and burgundy, creating a colorful display that lasts year-round. ‘Fancy Finch’ is ideal for mixing and matching with other Feathered Friends™ as well!

'Fierce Falcon'

If you love ‘Black Scallop’ bugleweed, then you’re going to adore ‘Fierce Falcon’! It boasts incredibly dark purple textured foliage all year long. The leaves are larger than other Ajugas with deep veins for lots of texture. The cobalt blue flowers absolutely shine against this foliage in late spring and early summer!

'Noble Nightingale'

I will admit, ‘Noble Nightingale’ is the staff favorite among the Feathered Friends™! Their narrow, sleek foliage stays looking tidy, even when planted in large masses. Foliage emerges as a dark green and takes on darker purple hues as they mature. It’s the perfect way to add darker foliage to the understory for contrast. Waves of blue flowers add extra color when they bloom late spring and early summer!

'Parrot Paradise'

The multi-colored foliage of ‘Parrot Paradise’ bugleweed will have you dreaming of a tropical sunset. Or at least the name will! Bright green foliage takes on hues of yellow, orange, and red, creating a colorful display to enjoy year-round. Even in winter, these colors are sure to warm up your garden! Plus, wavy leaf margins add extra texture to the understory.

'Petite Parakeet'

‘Petite Parakeet’ earns its name for its smaller, slender foliage. But what its foliage lacks in size, it makes up for in color! Newly emerged leaves take on orange-colored central veins and leaf edges. The cobalt blue flowers pair nicely with the orange-hued foliage!

'Tropical Toucan'

‘Tropical Toucan’ has the biggest leaves of all the Feathered Friends™! As the first gold big-leaved Ajuga, ‘Tropical Toucan’ shines in the landscape. The large leaves boast golden hues all year long, even in the winter. Red stems add even more color and contrast on this low-growing ground cover.

Pick one of the Feathered Friends™ to completely blanket your garden with one color, or pick a few of them to mix and match in the landscape! Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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