Great Garden Tips: September 2023 Checklist

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Timely Garden Tasks For

September 2023

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It’s officially time to welcome fall foliage! Planting during the fall leads to robust root systems that serve as anchors against harsh winter conditions and provide a head start for spring growth. Here we’ll discuss what you should consider during the fall planting season.

  • It’s the perfect month to start your fall planting!
  • While most insect and disease problems are subsiding, powdery mildew may be more rampant.
  • Watch your mildew-prone perennials, like phlox and bee balm.
  • Nights are getting cooler, so it’s time for Northern gardeners to bring their houseplants indoors.
  • Divide and replant perennials in overcrowded beds.
  • Stop deadheading. Leave any remaining flowers and seedheads standing for pollinators and birds over fall and winter.
  • Start to plant your spring bulbs – except for tulips.
  • Rake and gather fallen leaves and debris for your compost pile.
  • Collect seedpods, let them dry, and store them for the winter in airtight containers.
  • Plant pansies in late September for some cool-weather color.

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