Great Garden Tips: March Gardening Checklist

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Timely Garden Tasks For


It’s time to welcome spring! As we begin to start anew, it’s essential to keep these timely garden tasks in mind for the upcoming month to ensure vibrant and thriving blooms for the months to come. Here are the timely garden tasks for March 2023, specially curated by the Great Garden Plants team.

  • Protect your plants against deer and rabbits! Build fences and cages around susceptible plants, especially while they’re covered in tender new growth. An alternative to fencing is liquid deer and rabbit repellent.
  • March is the perfect month for mulch. Remove old layers of mulch from winter and replace it with a fresh batch.
  • If your soil has thawed and freezing temperatures aren’t in the forecast, now would be the time to fertilize and give your plants a strong start.
  • Apply sulfur, or other soil acidifiers, for acid-loving plants like azaleas.
  • Cut back some perennials left standing over winter, like coral bells and ornamental grasses. Leave the rest for now to protect pollinators, who are likely hiding in the spent foliage!
  • Prune flowering shrubs that bloom on new wood (like smooth and panicle hydrangeas), but avoid pruning other shrubs. You may be cutting off flower buds! If in doubt, don’t cut.
  • Daffodils and tulips are starting to bloom! Cut a few flowers to create spring bouquets to enjoy indoors.
    • Great garden tip: daffodils should be in their own vase, as their sap damages other flowers.
  • Cut pussy willow branches to enjoy indoors.
  • Unwrap any wrapped shrubs or roses to awaken them, but be wary of freezing temperatures! They may need to be covered again during extra-cold nights.

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