Great Garden Tips: January Checklist

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    • Gently brush heavy snow from the branches of trees and shrubs.
    • Allow ice to melt naturally from plants to avoid damage. Removing ice by hand (or with a blow dryer) almost always damages the buds and branches. Your plants will appreciate your patience!
    • Avoid applying salt on icy pathways – try sand or birdseed instead. Winter salt inevitably soaks into the soil, which can cause quite a bit of stress for your plants. 
    • Recycle your Christmas tree by leaving it outdoors for wildlife, cutting it down into mulch, or donating it to your community. 
    • Support your local birds by cleaning and refilling your feeders. Disinfect them monthly to reduce the spread of contaminants and diseases. 
    • Water your plants in containers – even if they’re dormant. Dormant does not mean dead, so your plants still need water. Lightly water your containers to keep the soil moist (not wet), so the roots stay healthy.
    • Dust on your houseplants can block sunlight and reduce photosynthesis. Clean the dust off the foliage every few weeks to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy.
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Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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