Great Garden Tips: December Checklist 2022

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Timely Garden Tasks For


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    • Wrap your arborvitae and other cold-sensitive evergreens with tree wrap or burlap to protect them from winter burn in cold climates.
    • Cut branches from your arborvitae, juniper, red-twig dogwood, or holly to enjoy indoors.
    • Reminisce on your garden this year. What did you love or hope to improve on in your garden?
    • Look after the birds by leaving the seed heads on your perennials and shrubs. 
    • Protect your plants by adding another thick layer of mulch for the winter.
    • Deer are a year-round problem, but damage can worsen in winter months. Add a layer of burlap, chicken wire, or liquid repellent to your perennials and shrubs.
    • Provide extra support for some evergreen shrubs to avoid breakage in strong winds or heavy snow.
    • Similar to the garden, your houseplants are going dormant too! Avoid fertilizing or overwatering them as they rest for winter. Consider moving some away from cold windows.
    • Watch the birds as they enjoy winter berries on junipers, holly, viburnum, cotoneaster, coralberry, and more!

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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