Great Garden Tasks: October 2023 Checklist

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Timely Garden Tasks For

October 2023

Download the printable version by clicking the link, HERE. 

October is a very busy month in the garden. From transplanting perennials to covering sensitive plants, now is the time to prep and plant your garden to prepare for the first frost. Here, we’ll list the top gardening tasks to consider getting done before the end of the month. Click the PDF above to print to check off your boxes!

  • Northern gardeners should plant their last perennials and shrubs for the season!
  • Divide and transplant your spring-blooming perennials.
  • Southern gardeners should start to bring their houseplants indoors.
  • Enjoy the colorful fall foliage. Mark in your garden journal which colors are most prominent, and consider adding more shrubs to round out your fall color scheme.
  • It’s normal to see some browning, even in the middle of evergreens like arborvitae and other conifers.
  • Rake the leaves on your lawn for your compost pile, or use them as mulch for your beds.
  • Add extra support for climbing vines that are exposed to strong October winds.
  • First frosts are approaching, so check the weather to learn when to cover your cold-sensitive plants.
  • Plant tulips near the end of the month.

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