Great Garden Spotlight: Roxana (@soilandmargaritas)

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We may supply the great plants, but it’s our customers that have the great gardens! Every day we find ourselves in awe of the amazing gardens you share with us on social media. We find so much joy in what you share that we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves, so we started our Great Garden Spotlight series! We hope this series helps you find inspiration, connect with fellow gardeners, and learn a few great gardening tips along the way.

Roxana sitting in her garden with the text "Meet Roxana aka Rox, Roxanne, roxANN. but not Roxie" written at the bottom

Meet Roxana, who is better known as @soilandmargaritas on social media. She really can do it all – from building a flourishing garden to demonstrating useful DIY projects, all while taking drool-worthy photos along the way! She turns almost every project she completes in her garden into engaging posts and videos, in both English and Spanish. We are so inspired by her presence in the gardening community, which is why it was a no-brainer to feature her and her garden in our spotlight series. See how she uses our plants (and more) to build the garden of her dreams.

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Heuchera and hydrangea in Roxana's garden

Pictured above: Coral Bells, Hydrangeas

Tell us about your garden! What's your zone, weather, soil, and light like?

I garden in a small suburban lot located in central Indiana. Technically, I am considered zone 6a but am right at the border with 5b, so I play it safe and play by the rules of the latter. My weather is a bit of everything, we enjoy all 4 seasons to the max, from really cold winters to really hot summers. We get rain here and there, so thankfully, we do not struggle with long periods of drought.

Indiana is known for having clay soil, but luckily, when our home was built waaayyy back then (possibly early 1900s) the lot we live in now was amended with really rich soil, which makes my gardening easy. I garden mostly in full sun, but I take advantage of large shrubs to create a little bit of shade for a couple of shade-loving plants.

What inspired you to start DIY projects in your garden and where did you find inspiration for them?

DIY projects for the garden help me both creatively and financially 😉 but it also gives me an opportunity to turn everything off around me while making something that will bring me joy later on. I don’t have a specific resource for finding inspiration, but I am highly influenced by English Gardens. I find them quite romantic and they are a huge motivation in everything I do in mine.

Heuchera and boxwood evergreens in Roxana's garden

Pictured above: Alliums, Coral Bells

Roxana holding up cuts from a hydrangea in front of her face

What plant is a must-have in your garden?

Hydrangeas. Hands down. It is REALLY hard to choose one, but if my garden was on fire and I had time to dig one type of plant, I would definitely save my hydrangeas hedge. In zone 5b, my ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangeas are hardy and they perform extremely well in full sun. They are not picky and the blooms are HUGE! I can use the blooms fresh for the longest periods of time and they also dry really well for any DIY projects later on.

What is your favorite great garden tip?

Garden for yourself! You are the only person that you have to impress when it comes to doing anything in the garden. That is the whole point of this garden lifestyle. And if I can add a second-best… we all mess up! Even gardeners that have decades with their gardens still fail sometimes. Do not let the world of social media tell you otherwise.

Evergreen Boxwood in a planter pot in Roxana's garden

Pictured above: BoxwoodHosta

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Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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