Great Garden Designs: Our staff-favorite combinations

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When shopping on a site with over 800+ perennials and shrubs, the most challenging part can be deciding what looks best together! The possibilities are (nearly) endless, but we’re here to help with some of our favorite combinations in our gardens. Keep reading to learn about our gardens and discover what you could plant in yours!

Miranda's Shade Garden

Shaded areas are notorious for being dull and difficult to garden, but I’m here to prove that isn’t always the case! Woodland gardens are some of my favorites, and my new house with massive oak trees sets the scene to create a woodland garden of my own. This mix of barrenwort, brunnera, astilbe, and ferns adds the perfect pops of color and texture from spring to fall. The coppery-orange blooms on ‘Orange Queen’ barrenwort pair well with the blue flowers on ‘Queen of Hearts’ brunnera (and their heart-shaped foliage seals the deal). ‘Moccachino’ astilbe adds contrast with dark foliage and white summer blooms. ‘Crested Surf’ Japenese painted ferns rounds it all out with silver, green, and purple coloration all season long.

Miranda holding a plant in the greenhouse
Pam holding a plant in the greenhouse

Pam's Moon Garden

Pam and her family like to spend their evenings outside around the fire pit, so it was clear she needed a bed with crisp white flowers that shine (even at night). She just started her first moon garden this year, with Gatsby Moon oakleaf hydrangea as the centerpiece. Mixing ‘Honorine Jobert’ Japanese anemone, Magic Show® ‘White Wands’ spike speedwell, and Luminary™ ‘Backlight’ garden phlox around it ensures she’ll have blooms to enjoy from summer to frost! 

Sarah's Container Garden

Sarah enjoys showcasing her favorite perennials in mixed containers to add color and fragrance to her patio and deck. She loves the contrast between the yellows and pinks of her tickseeds with the violet and purple hues on her salvia and lavenders. The pollinators find this combo irresistible as well! Try planting her favorite combination, which includes Uptick™ Gold & Bronze tickseed, ‘Hidcote’ lavender, ‘Sizzle & Spice® ‘Zesty Zinger’ tickseed, and May Night’ salvia

Sarah holding a plant in greenhouse
Tani holding a plant in the greenhouse

Tani's Cottage Garden

Whimsical, charming, and carefree plants create the perfect cottage garden beds. Tani’s garden is packed full and bursting with color to liven up the landscape. ‘Blazing Sunset’ Geums, Rozanne Cranesbill, Platinum Blonde™ Lavender, and Solanna™ Golden Sphere Tickseed pack a punch with their variety of colors, textures, and fragrances. This eclectic combination is sure to bring your cottage core dreams to life – in your landscape or in cut arrangements.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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