Grasses for Winter Interest

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Tired Of A Dull Winter Landscape?

Endless flat lawns or cut back gardens can make for boring winter views. Adding ornamental grass is one surefire way to bring beauty to the bleakness! Many grasses bring height, color, movement, or structure to the landscape. Below are a few options that each have a unique pop to add to that garden you’re gazing out at during those especially chilly, ho-hum days.

'Blue Zinger' Sedge

(Carex flacca)

Holds its frosty blue color over winter! When covered with a dusting of snow, it displays a really neat contrast. The thin, arching foliage adds textural interest and rustles in the winter winds.

Mounds of blue foliage created by the thin arching blades of the Blue Zinger Sedge
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'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass

(Calamagrostis x acutiflora)

A favorite go-to-grass that blooms long and stands up to harsh winters. Five feet tall and upright. Bends with the wind so it is able to remain pillar-like through most harsh weather!

Purple Eulalia

(Miscanthus purpurescens)

Its fountain-like habit brings a unique shape to the landscape – especially when snow-covered. Dried plumes last for months, adding winter interest to your garden or home. Cut the plumes for dried floral arrangements!

'Hameln' Fountain Grass

(Pennisetum alopecuroides)

Its foliage transitions to a rich gold hue in fall and continues to add lovely texture well into winter, making this grass a multi-season stunner. Seed heads hold snow and frost beautifully. You may even see birds perched on the stems pecking away at the seed.

Beyond the beauty, there are other benefits to planting ornamental grasses or sedges! It will warm your heart to know that you are helping wildlife, as many animals use tall grass for habitat and their seed heads for food. If you observe closely you’ll see creatures scurrying about, carrying on with life in the safety of the cover you provided. You might then notice the sound of grass gently shifting in the wind – one of the most calming noises nature makes. Finally, your winter landscape will be more interesting.

Once you’ve gotten really cozy enjoying the sights and sounds in your garden, it’ll be time to get active! Many of us enjoy getting into the garden as early as possible. You’ll get an excuse to get busy from grasses that need to be chopped in early spring, to make way for new growth. But until then, you can do a little planning!

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Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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