Goatsbeard male or female?

I just received my order of goats beard plants. I am excited to plant them however, I just learned that the female plants have seed pods that are toxic to dogs. Can you tell me if the ones I received are male plants?

Answer: It doesn’t specifically say whether the plant is male or female, but regarding fruit and seed, the patent does say “not observed.” This doesn’t necessarily rule out the plant being female but does give us a hint that it may be male: https://patents.google.com/patent/USPP30242P2/en?q=(Aruncus+%27fairy+hair%27)&oq=Aruncus+%27fairy+hair%27.
The new hybrid Aruncus plant named ‘Fairy Hair’ with finely-dissected, dark green foliage holding well into the season. Light creamy buds transition to near white flowers on airy scapes above foliage. Plant habit is finely textured, short and very compact.

In the article linked above it mentions that the plant is asexually propagated so assuming the used the showier plant (male) then our plants should also be male.