Garden DIY: Mother’s Day Cut Flower Arrangement

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MOM spelled out with cut flowers
*Sustainably made with trimmings from our greenhouse.

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a gorgeous bouquet of cut flowers! Cut flowers represent the hard work and tender care given to you by your mother or motherly figure in your life. No matter her style, a unique arrangement for mom can be created using flowers from your garden. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just for appreciation, cut-flower bouquets will surely wow. As a bonus, once you’ve selected your cut flowers, these arrangements only take a few minutes.

You only need a pot or a vase, a tape grid, and beautiful cut flowers! Read on as we give inspiration and list our favorite plant combinations for your Mother’s Day cut-flower arrangement.

For the minimalist Mom

Try using these trendy spring bloomers with neutral tones to achieve the look. When choosing plants for this bouquet style, look for cut-flower classics like dahliaroses, smooth hydrangea, and yarrow. Consider the colors light and airy, with shades of white, beige, pale pink, and pastel blue. After choosing your flowers, it’s time to place them in your arrangement. Start with your larger statement flowers first, then fill in any bare areas of your bouquet, tucking smaller upright flowers in the nooks and crannies. Then all that’s left to do is admire the beauty of your minimalist creation!

Our favorite combinations:

incrediball smooth hydrangea arrangement colors

Incrediball® Smooth Hydrangea

gorgeous white creama roses

Reminiscent™ Crema Rose

white yarrow

‘Firefly Diamond’ Yarrow

For the unconventional Mom

This mom likes the rare and unusual, so give her a cut flower arrangement that’s as unique as she is! Consider out-of-the-ordinary shapes, fun textures, and uncommon color combinations when choosing plants for this bouquet style. Start by gathering leaves and cuttings from more plants tall in habit, like astilbe or fountain grass; these will act as the base of the arrangement. Now it’s time to get crazy! Grab a funky statement flower like foxglove or lupine, and surround it with fun smaller cuts from globe thistle or catmint. Creative chaos is the name of the game, so don’t be afraid to play with new styles here.

Our favorite combinations:

purple foxglove

‘Candy Mountain’ Foxglove

beautiful blue globe thistle

‘Blue Glow’ Globe Thistle

black hollyhock

‘Blacknight’ Hollyhock

For the color-loving Mom

Vibrant bouquets will always be a Mother’s Day name stay, especially when your mother loves a pop of color. Grab some bright geums, coneflowerpoppies, tickseed, false sunflower, or dianthus when gathering flowers for this arrangement. The more color, the better! Then begin evenly adding your plants to your vase or pot so there is no color concentration in specific areas. Next, tuck smaller flowers like dianthus and tickseed in bare spots and any green plant foliage to complete the arrangement. The best part? Colorful bouquets will often boast the most delightful fragrance.

Our favorite combinations:

blazing sunset geum

‘Blazing Sunset’ Geum

yellow tickseed flowers

Solanna™ Golden Sphere Tickseed

orange poppy flower

‘Harvest Moon’ Oriental Poppy

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power." - Maya Angelou

mom made out of flowers

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Written by: Lindsey Griffith, click here to read bio.

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