Diamond Ball Clematis plant is not vining like the other Diamond Ball Clematis, is this the wrong plant?

Customer doesn’t believe the plant in the first picture is diamond ball clematis like the second picture and believes she received the wrong plant. The one Diamond Ball Clematis is not vining like the others.



Answer: Well there are definitely plenty of reasons why this particular individual would not be performing the exact same as the others – it’s most likely an issue with the roots, that for whatever reason, they just aren’t growing as quickly as the others so it is not putting out as much top growth. Could be something like an obstacle in the soil (rocks, etc.) or just water, sunlight, etc. The fact that it is not doing exactly what the others are does not necessarily mean that it’s not the same plant, nor does the fact that it appears to be a much darker green than the other. From a foliage perspective, it looks the same to me, but the only way to tell for sure would be when it flowers, which it probably won’t do until next year.