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Variegated hosta plant growing in a shade garden

Companion Plants for Hostas

What plants should you pair with your hostas? The possibilities seem endless, especially since hostas are one of the most versatile plants we offer. They come in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes, which means they play well with others but can also create a dynamic garden all on their own. We’ll spell out our favorite companion plants for hostas to get you started.

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Blue Star Creeper & ‘Red Rover’ Foamy Bells

You may be wondering why we’re suggesting you grow a shade plant with a sun plant, but trust us! Blue star creeper is known to adding a splash of color in the sun with a blanket of light blue flowers, while Fun and Games® ‘Red Rover’ foamy bells pops in the shade with coppery red foliage.

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a variety of shade plants thriving in a home garden

Hosta & Coral Bells

When anyone asks what plants I recommend for shade, I almost always answer with hostas and coral bells (Heuchera). Both perennials are staples for shade gardens.

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