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Meet our gardening influencers

Great Garden Spotlight: Chris (@joysofgardening)

We may supply the great plants, but it’s our customers that have the great gardens! Every day we find ourselves in awe of the amazing gardens you share with us on social media. We find so much joy in what you share that we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves, so we started our Great Garden Spotlight series!

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White and pink milkweed flowers in a field

8 Native Milkweeds for Monarch Butterflies

Milkweed may have an ugly name, but it sure is accurate! When damaged, their foliage exudes a milky latex sap that is toxic to most wildlife. It’s native to the prairies, fields, and wetlands of the United States, where it spreads prolifically from seed.

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pet-friendly garden plants

15 Dog-Friendly Plants for Your Garden

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they’re not always your garden’s best friend! If your dogs are anything like mine, they’ll take any chance they get to steal a twig, munch on flowers, or lay right in the middle of the garden bed.

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