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colorwheel for companion plants

Garden Design Basics: Color

Color isn’t just for paintings; it has its place in your garden too! With proper planning, color can make your garden look more balanced and really help tie the landscape together!

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variety of leafy plants in a range of colors

Introducing Feathered Friends™ Bugleweed

Bugleweed (Ajuga) is a powerhouse in the garden. This foolproof perennial groundcover is durable and low maintenance, making gardening a breeze. Varieties like ‘Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Black Scallop’ have gained popularity among gardeners for their colorful and textured foliage, blue flower spikes, and easy-going nature.

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close up of Scentara Pure lilac flowers

6 Fragrant Flowers for Spring

We love fragrant flowers, but then again, who doesn’t? While blooms will always reign supreme in the hierarchy of wonderful plant characteristics, their fragrance is easily our second favorite part. What makes fragrance so special? Maybe it’s that these scents are so often tied back to memories.

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above shot coral bells plants in pots on a table

Colorful Foliage for Shade Gardens

Shady spots are notorious among gardeners as tough-to-grow sites. It can be challenging to find the right plants that thrive in variable light conditions, compete with tree roots, and don’t mind the excess moisture we typically see in the shade.

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spring blooming hedge featuring delicate blue flowers

Top 10 Spring Blooming Flowers

Say goodbye to your winter blues! With sunny days and warm temperatures on the horizon, we can tell that spring is right around the corner. When you see these flowers, you know spring is in full swing.

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Arborvitae in pot inside the Great Garden Plants greenhouse

Top 4 Arborvitae Trees

If you’re looking for a colorful and fast-growing privacy hedge for your landscape, arborvitae is hard to beat. In just a few years, young plants quickly grow to create a lush, green wall that provides four seasons of privacy.

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Pretty pink dianthus flowers

8 Plants to Swoon Over This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…and soon to be in your garden with these swoon-worthy plants. From heart-shaped flowers and leaves to classic roses and even flowers featuring cupid’s favorite color palette or an irresistible scent, this selection of 8 plants will have you believing in love at first sight.

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ornamental grass in outdoor garden

Grasses for Winter Interest

Endless flat lawns or cut back gardens can make for boring winter views. Adding ornamental grass is one surefire way to bring beauty to the bleakness! Many grasses bring height, color, movement, or structure to the landscape.

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