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Tropical looking pink flower

8 Tropical-Looking Flowers for Cold (& Hot!) Climates

Longing for a vacation to a tropical oasis? No need to book a flight when you can bring the vibrancy and magic of the tropics to your own backyard! These 8 perennials and shrubs may have exotic blooms, but you won’t have to worry about the cold stopping their show year after year. With these curated picks, you’ll think you’ve been transported to someplace tropical with just a step outside your door.

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Garden full of large white hydrangeas

How to Create a Hydrangea Hedge

Hedges serve an important purpose in the garden – creating privacy, covering eyesores, and adding structure to the landscape. Arborvitaes, boxwoods, and tall ornamental grasses fit the role of traditional hedges with their large habits and lush foliage.

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Black Scallop bugleweed growing in shade under a tree.

9 Best Perennial Ground Covers for Shade

Often times shady spots are neglected in gardens, especially tough-to-fill sites under trees, shrubs, or structures. While you could spread mulch and call it a day, you could up your garden game by planting shade-tolerant ground covers instead!

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White and pink milkweed flowers in a field

8 Native Milkweeds for Monarch Butterflies

Milkweed may have an ugly name, but it sure is accurate! When damaged, their foliage exudes a milky latex sap that is toxic to most wildlife. It’s native to the prairies, fields, and wetlands of the United States, where it spreads prolifically from seed.

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