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Walnuts on the tree Ripe walnuts popping out of their shell.

Juglone-Tolerant Plants for Gardening Near Black Walnut Trees

While black walnut (Juglans nigra) trees are beloved for their rich history, they have accrued a problematic reputation among gardeners for a few reasons. Most notably, they produce a toxic chemical called juglone. Gardening near (or even under) walnut trees is still possible, so don’t resent your trees just yet. We’ve compiled a list of plants showing juglone tolerance in the landscape to help assuage any worries.

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Bright pink flowers planted in containers on outdoor patio

5 Easy Tips for Protecting Your Potted Plants This Winter

Unlike annuals, perennials and shrubs don’t die in the winter, which leaves many gardeners wondering, “how do I overwinter my perennials and shrubs in containers?” It’s a good question to ask, too! Overwintering plants in containers is quite different from overwintering them in the ground – all thanks to their roots.

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Vibrant fall plants featuring bright brown, red, and orange colors

Our Guide for Fall Planting

The start of fall may signal the gardening season is coming to a close, but it’s not over yet! There is still plenty of time to enjoy colorful flowers and foliage, or even sprinkle in some new perennials and shrubs before winter arrives. Even with cold temperatures approaching, the soil remains warm for much longer, which gives your new plants time to grow roots and establish in your garden. In some areas, planting in the fall is more favorable than planting in spring!

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