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Walnuts on the tree Ripe walnuts popping out of their shell.

Juglone-Tolerant Plants for Gardening Near Black Walnut Trees

While black walnut (Juglans nigra) trees are beloved for their rich history, they have accrued a problematic reputation among gardeners for a few reasons. Most notably, they produce a toxic chemical called juglone. Gardening near (or even under) walnut trees is still possible, so don’t resent your trees just yet. We’ve compiled a list of plants showing juglone tolerance in the landscape to help assuage any worries.

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coneflower seed heads in fall.

10 Perennials You Can Cut Back In Fall (& 10 You Shouldn’t)

The gardening season is coming to a close, and if you live in cold climates, your perennials may already be starting to drop leaves and enter dormancy. Don’t worry – it’s completely normal – but it does leave some gardeners wondering what to do next. Should I cut my perennials or leave them standing for winter?

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pink and white geum flowers blooming early spring

Our New Must-Have Plant: Geums

With lobed green foliage similar to coral bells and ruffled rose-like blooms, geums (or avens) are quickly gaining popularity among gardeners and cut flower farmers. After growing them, you’ll quickly learn why! Airy flowers bloom on wispy stems, creating a charming and relaxed look that perfectly fits cottage gardens.

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Image of the At Last Rose in a quart size and a gallon size sitting in a greenhouse

Big Plants, Even Bigger Impact!

We’re pleased to offer a selection of Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs in robust one-gallon sizes. They say you can’t buy time, but that’s what happens when you buy a gallon plant – we’ve spent an extra year, sometimes two or more, growing them so you reap the benefits.

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