Can I Plant a Garden in Summer?

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It's summer, there's still time to get growing!

Spring fever is long over and summer is finally in full swing. You, and your plants, are probably feeling the heat of summer! That leaves many gardeners questioning, did I miss the spring planting window? Is it too late to plant? Really, it depends on where you live and how much time you have to care for your plants.

Generally, we don’t recommend planting in the summer due to high temperatures and dry conditions. Adjusting to a new garden can be stressful enough for a plant, and having to do it in hot summer weather can make it even more difficult. Most plants end up wilted or withered, especially if they are not watered. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do it, especially if you live in the north!

Gardeners in the North, or zones 6 and colder, can probably still get away with planting perennials in the summer. The trick is to provide plenty of water at the time of planting and almost daily for the next few weeks. If you plan on leaving your plants to go on vacation, we suggest waiting. A good soaking every day or 2 is vital for transitioning your new plant to the garden. Keep in mind that cloudy or misty mornings are the best times to plant in the summer months.

For gardeners in the south, or zones 7 and warmer, you may want to wait to plant! If it’s a struggle for you to be outside for very long, your plant probably feels the same way. Wait until the weather begins to cool in early fall before planting anything new.

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Written by: Miranda Niemic, click here to read bio.

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