Blue Star Creeper & ‘Red Rover’ Foamy Bells

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You may be wondering why we’re suggesting you grow a shade plant with a sun plant, but trust us! Blue star creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis) is known to adding a splash of color in the sun with a blanket of light blue flowers, while Fun and Games® ‘Red Rover’ foamy bells (Heucherella) pops in the shade with coppery red foliage. Where do they overlap? In part sun! This colorful duo is durable, easy to grow, and patriotic, especially when creamy white flowers bloom on ‘Red Rover’. If you have an open spot in your part sun bed, consider adding in this pair! Between the long-blooming blue flowers and red foliage that persists spring-fall, your garden will be colorful all season long.
Dark burgundy Fun and Games® 'Red Rover' Foamy Bells and soft blue Blue Star Creeper

Blue Star Creeper

(Isotoma Fluviatilis)

Dreams of covering your yard in a blanket of flowers can now be a reality with Blue Star Creeper. Tiny green leaves form a soft mat that grows easily between stepping stones, through a garden bed, or in difficult sites. It’s so low maintenance that we’d say you can plant it and forget about it, but it’s hard to forget about all this flower power!

Close up of Blue Star Creeper with light blue flowers and vibrant green foliage
Close up of dark red foliage on Red Rover Foamy Bells

Fun And Games® 'Red Rover' Foamy Bells

(Heucherella x)

If your garden is looking a little boring, then Fun and Games® ‘Red Rover’ foamy bells will give it some life! Coppery red, heavily lobed foliage will have your neighbors asking you to send your ‘Red Rover’ right over. After seeing its showy foliage in person, everyone will want one of their own to enjoy!

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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