Bleeding Heart – April 2021

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Bleeding heart (Dicentra) is our Plant of the Month for its cheerful spring blooms, which may be taking off in your garden soon! This perennial wears its heart on its sleeves, quite literally. Arching sprays appear in late spring, decorated with intricate heart-shaped flowers. The blooms look whimsical as they dangle above lacy fern-like foliage. They’re all so charming, we couldn’t choose just one! So, this month we’ll be highlighting all six varieties we offer.

1.) Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra spectabilis)

The old-fashioned bleeding heart is a classic in shade gardens for a reason! Lovely rose-pink petals with white tips form puffy -heart-shaped flowers. While this Dicentra has classic charm, it does have the shortest bloom time. It starts its display in late spring and can be seen blooming into early summer with adequate moisture. However, it usually goes dormant as soon as flowering ends.
Bleeding heart with green foliage and arching branches with heart-shaped pink blooms
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2.) 'Amore Rose' Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra x)

‘Amore Rose’ bleeding heart has everything you love about the classic, but with darker flowers and a longer bloom time! Vibrant magenta flowers hover above blue-green foliage. It blooms prolifically well into summer, or even into fall if spent flowers are continuously removed. Intricate blue-green foliage stays looking fresh in the landscape, even when the flower display is done.

3.) 'Gold Heart' Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra x)

Looking for a bleeding heart with more color? ‘Gold Heart’ bleeding heart boasts brilliant gold foliage, which serves as the perfect backdrop for its rose-pink flowers! This long-blooming hybrid will reliably bloom for months in late spring and early summer. If it wasn’t already colorful enough, peach stems hold the foliage and flowers to form a lovely, bushy mound.

4.) 'Ruby Gold' Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra x)

‘Ruby Gold’ bleeding heart is the first of its kind with gold foliage and red flowers! Peach stems are extra strong, ensuring the heart-shaped flowers hover gracefully for months starting in late spring. Between the foliage, flowers, and stems, this perennial is sure to turn heads in the garden.

5.) 'White Gold' Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra x)

‘White Gold’ bleeding heart is bound to brighten the shade with gold foliage and white flowers. Pure white heart-shaped flowers stay looking fresh for weeks, even in the heat, when given adequate moisture! It’s vigorous, reliable, and sure to amaze year after year.

6.) Fringed Bleeding Heart

(Dicentra eximia)

Fringed bleeding heart has to be the personal favorite of the bunch! It has all the charm, but unlike the others, this one is native to the US. It’s everblooming, flowering freely from spring to frost with fringed flowers. Extra dissected leaves look like lace, adding almost as much charm as the flowers!

Pair your bleeding hearts with other spring-bloomers and flowering bulbs for a memorable spring display you’ll look forward to each year! Since the foliage for some varieties dies back in the summer, plant it with other shade-loving plants, like hostas, coral bells, or lily-of-the-valley, to fill in the gaps.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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