Big Plants, Even Bigger Impact!

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We’re pleased to offer a selection of Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs in robust one-gallon sizes. They say you can’t buy time, but that’s what happens when you buy a gallon plant – we’ve spent an extra year, sometimes two or more, growing them so you reap the benefits. Everything about our gallon-sized plants is bigger. The shoots (above-ground foliage and flowers) are much larger, giving a lush and full look to the landscape. One-gallon plants have a more robust root system too, which means they require less monitoring and time to establish in the garden. Spend less time waiting for your plants to grow, and more time enjoying them!

There may be an obvious difference in size now, but we’re certain they will reach the same size at maturity. If you have more time and a lower budget, consider purchasing a quart. If you want (almost) instant garden gratification, browse our gallons! Either way, if you order your plant from Great Garden Plants, you know it will be healthy and ready to succeed in your garden.

Exactly How Big Are The Gallon Plants?

The most commonly asked question we get about our gallons is “exactly how large will the plant be?” Similar to our quarts, this question is hard to answer. The size of our plants changes over the season as plants grow and are trimmed. We keep our plants trimmed to encourage them to develop a larger, stronger root system. Better roots mean better establishment, so we’re only setting your plants up to succeed! So, while we can’t give exact numbers on how large they will be, we took some pictures to give you an idea.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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