Alternatives to Burning Bush

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Our Favorite Alternatives With Coloful Foliage

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) is widely used as a specimen plant or privacy hedge for its vigorous growth, easy-care nature, and brilliant red fall foliage. Unfortunately, it is considered to be invasive in certain areas, which is why shipment is restricted to some states. If you live in a state where Burning Bush is restricted, don’t worry! We offer plenty of alternatives that boast amazing fall colors for your landscape.

Low Scape® Aronia

(Aronia melanocarpa)

When you need the most durable plant for a hedge, look no further than Low Scape Hedger® Aronia! This Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub naturally grows in a narrow, space-saving 3′-5′ habit. It brings multiple seasons of interest to the garden, from little white spring flowers to a fantastic fall display! Foliage takes on vibrant red and orange hues each fall, year after year.
A row of Low Scape Hedger Aronia shrubs with bright orange-red foliage
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Kodiak® Red Diervilla

(Diervilla sp.)

If you’re looking for brilliant red foliage, Kodiak® Red Diervilla is your best option! But what makes it so much better? It’s native, adored by pollinators, and has red foliage from spring through fall. New leaves emerge as a deep green with hints of red and slowly gain more vibrant coloration as the season progresses. Come fall, the leaves are a brilliant burgundy-red!

Kodiak® Orange Diervilla

(Diervilla sp.)

Burning Bush may be bright red in the fall, but Kodiak® Orange Diervilla is colorful all season long. Its vivid orange foliage looks especially great in spring and fall, brightening up the landscape wherever you plant it. This native shrub is deer resistant, drought tolerant, low maintenance, and beneficial for pollinators! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Winecraft Black® Smokebush

(Cotinus coggygria)

Surprised we’re suggesting a dark purple foliage plant as a replacement for Burning Bush? Winecraft Black® Smokebush has dark foliage in spring and summer, but in the fall, it’s ignited in bright red hues! Between the dark foliage, textured blooms, and fall color, Winecraft Black® might turn out to be your new favorite shrub in every season. Plus, it’s deer resistant and low maintenance.

Scentlandia® Sweetspire

(Itea virginica)

Scentlandia® Sweetspire is a star in the summer with long spikes of fragrant white flowers. But did you know this shrub is just as stellar in the fall? You can expect to see bright red foliage to keep your garden lively as the seasons change. This versatile shrub is low maintenance, deer resistant, and handles more shade than Burning Bush.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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