8 Plants to Swoon Over This Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air…and soon to be in your garden with these swoon-worthy plants. From heart-shaped flowers and leaves to classic roses and even flowers featuring cupid’s favorite color palette or an irresistible scent, this selection of 8 plants will have you believing in love at first sight. Instead of chocolate and store-bought flowers that only last a few days, consider gifting yourself and your garden a plant that will make you fall in love with your garden over and over again.

Happy Face Hearts® Potentilla

Apple blossom-like blooms give this shrub the perfect amount of color and charm. Hundreds of pink flushed flowers cover the plant year-after-year. One of the longest-blooming shrubs, you’ll never be without flowers to enjoy. Happy Face Hearts® is extremely hardy and unbothered by deer, making it easy to grow and a great choice for gardeners of any skill level. Consider adding this potentilla to your landscape this year; it’s hard not to fall in love with this pretty shrub.

Close up of Happy Face Hearts Potentilla with pink blooms topping vibrant green foliage
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Sweet Romance® Lavender

Sweet Romance® lavender has a fragrance that will sweep you off your feet! This prolific bloomer from Proven Winners boasts large purple blooms from summer into fall that look fabulous whether enjoyed fresh in the garden or dried in bouquets or sachets. This lavender is loved by gardeners and pollinators alike, thanks to its sweet-scented flowers. Thriving in difficult conditions, Sweet Romance®is a stress-free garden addition; consider adding it to your perennial garden or even your herb garden. Its frosty green foliage stands out in your garden and can be used as an herb in various recipes!

'Queen Of Hearts' Siberian Bugloss

Big, heart-shaped leaves with frosted silver accents make this foliage plant a stunner! It’s hard not to love ‘Queen of Hearts’ as it adds beauty and interest to shade gardens. While deer may be able to resist ‘Queen of Hearts’, we find ourselves wanting to add more of it to our garden each year. Come spring, its foliage is topped with sweet blue flowers that float above the plant, adding additional interest and appeal. Perfect for shade gardens.

'Amore Rose' Bleeding Heart

Charming heart-shaped flowers dangle above fern-like foliage, leaving us enamored each spring when the blooms start to appear. Its blue-green foliage looks lovely all season long, possessing good looks even before the first pink bloom appears. ‘Amore Rose’ is incredibly reliable, making it easy to fall in love with this easy-care plant, if you’re a beginner, this perennial would be the perfect addition to your garden or container.

'Aphrodite' Sweetshrub

If the goddess Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, then ‘Aphrodite’ sweetshrub is aptly named thanks to its irresistibly unique and beautiful blooms. One look and you will fall in love! Reminiscent of a dark red magnolia, these large cupped flowers last from weeks to even months, depending on your climate. Its lush foliage not only looks appealing, but it adds the perfect amount of privacy and screening to landscapes all season long.

Fruit Punch® 'Raspberry Ruffles' Dianthus

Upgrade your opinion on carnations! ‘Raspberry Ruffles’ boasts intriguing colored two-toned blooms that light up the landscape year after year. This prolific perennial produces dozens of blooms at a time; you’ll have plenty of these ruffled flowers to enjoy and dote over. Its blue-green foliage provides the perfect backdrop for its summertime blooms to shine, but thanks to its evergreen nature, it continues to look stunning year-round.

Sweet Talker® Fragrant Viburnum

This viburnum won’t need to do much to sweet talk its way into your heart…or garden. Deep pink tubular flowers appear in early spring and its spicy-sweet scented blooms make this shrub nearly irresistible! Its waxy semi-evergreen leaves take on a flush of burgundy tones in spring and autumn, adding extra interest to this already beautiful plant. Sweet Talker® is perfect for fragrant hedges or make it the star of the show; this shrub looks stunning no matter the application.

OSO Easy Double Red® Rose

We couldn’t do a Valentine’s Day round-up without including a timeless classic, a red rose! But, Oso Easy Double Red® isn’t just any red rose; this rose is remarkably easy to care for; no spraying or deadheading is required. Fill your garden with roses that not only last but keep you coming back for more. This reblooming beauty allows you to enjoy fresh flowers all season long; you can’t ask for much better than that! Ditch the supermarket rose bouquet and opt for a shrub of your own; we promise you won’t regret it. Explore our entire collection of Oso Easy® roses.
Get plants that you’ll love year after year, not just on one holiday! Whether you find yourself swooning over heart-shaped foliage or enamored with a classic red rose, these 8 plants are perfect for adding a romantic and beautiful touch to your garden that lasts well beyond February 14th.

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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