6 Fragrant Flowers for Spring

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The Sweet Smell Of Spring Time

We love fragrant flowers, but then again, who doesn’t? While blooms will always reign supreme in the hierarchy of wonderful plant characteristics, their fragrance is easily our second favorite part. What makes fragrance so special? Maybe it’s that these scents are so often tied back to memories.

Just writing this, I find myself drifting back to warm spring afternoons in my parent’s living room with the sweet scent of my mom’s lilac trees getting wrapped up in my hair as it drifts in through the windows. So much comfort and happiness for me is tied back to these scents. Do you feel the same way? Are there any fragrant flowers that bring back memories for you? There is something pretty powerful about a plant that something as simple as fragrance can make you feel and remember so much!

Lots of the most beloved fragrant plants bloom in spring and early summer; they’re the perfect way to welcome back the growing season and the return of spending time outdoors. We’re sharing some of our all-time favorite fragrant plants in spring here. Plant them and create your own fragrant memories this season!

Scentara Pura® Lilac

(Syringa x hyacinthiflora)

Lilacs are one of the most popular springtime shrubs, and for a good reason, too! Color, fragrance, and reliability are what make lilacs such a lovable garden plant. Scentara Pura® lilac is the perfect choice for lilac lovers everywhere, thanks to its large, pure purple flowers that emir an irresistible fragrance each spring! Did we mention Scentara Pura® is the most fragrant lilac on the market! Start the season off strong with stunning, highly fragrant blooms. You’ll know spring has officially sprung once the smell of this lilac comes wafting by.

Close up of the soft purple blooms of the Scentara Pura Lilac
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Fruit Punch® 'Raspberry Ruffles' Dianthus

If you’re looking for fragrance and flower power, look no further than Fruit Punch ‘Raspberry Ruffles’ dianthus! Your springtime garden will not only be filled with boatloads of raspberry-pink blooms but with exceptional fragrance too. This late-spring to early summer bloomer will look fanatic in your garden or a bouquet as they’re a great choice for cut floral arrangements.

Spice Girl® Koreanspice Viburnum

(Viburnum carlesii)

Studded with hundreds of pink blooms in spring, this is one pretty shrub you’ll want to add to your landscape. This viburnum is a triple threat with fragrant flowers, berries, and stunning fall foliage- it makes a stunning hedge or the perfect specimen in your garden. Spice Girl® Koreanspice viburnum is one of our favorite fragrant plants thanks to its spicy-sweet fragrance!

Lily Of The Valley

(Convallaria majalis)

We couldn’t make a list of our favorite fragrant flowers for spring without including Lily of the Valley. Its dainty bell-shaped flowers were a childhood favorite for many, and for us, they’re still a favorite. Their fragrance can fill your entire yard on a warm spring afternoon, and they make delightful cut flowers. Create a patch of your own this spring, and enjoy them for many years to come!

Illuminati Tower® Mockorange

(Philadelphus coronarius)

Enjoy hundreds of fragrant white flowers in spring! Illuminati Tower® mockorange is a stunning late-spring to early summer bloomer that emits a refreshing fragrance. Its upright stems are covered up and down with springtime blooms and are beloved by gardeners and pollinators! Illuminati Tower® is low maintenance and deer resistant, allowing you more time to enjoy its lovely fragrant blooms and less time caring for it.

'Heaven Scent' Jacob's Ladder

(Polemonium x)

Last but definitely not least, ‘Heaven Scent’ Jacob’s ladder may be one of our favorite fragrant spring bloomers here at Great Garden Plants. Each spring, dozens of bell-shaped blooms appear and fill the air with a sweet fragrance. Add its unique fern-like foliage into the mix, and this spring-blooming perennial is one plant you definitely don’t want to miss out on this season!

What is a spring garden without fragrant flowers? These six fragrant spring flowers will fill your garden with fragrance for years to come and hopefully help you create your own memories. If you have any memories that are evoked by the smell of spring flowers, let us know. We’d love to hear your garden stories. Until then, happy gardening!

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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