4 Reasons to Add Herbs to Your Garden This Year

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Out Of The Spice Rack, Into The Garden

A carpet of various types of herbs in a garden

Herbs aren’t just for storing in your kitchen pantry; they have their place in your garden too! At Great Garden Plants, we are huge fans of adding herbs to the garden. Whether you harvest them for cooking or not, we’d still enthusiastically choose to grow them! Wondery why? There are four reasons…

1. Thrives In Sunny, Dry Locations

We can’t speak for every gardener, but many of us struggle with having super sunny, very dry locations in our yard that make it hard to grow most things. But with herbs, we’re able to give these areas new life. Herbaceous perennials like lavender actually prefer drier locations over more moist ones, which is often the quickest way to kill it. Lavender has the most flower power in super sunny locations, too, making it a favorite of ours for these areas in our landscape.

2 rows of vibrant purple lavender bushes lining either side of a brick path

Pictured above: Lavender

Close up of the green and white foliage that has hints of pink on a Salvia plant

Pictured above: Tricolor Sage

2. Deer And Rabbit Resistant

One of our favorite qualities about herbs is their fragrance! And thanks to this quality, deer, and rabbits never touch them. This makes herbs the perfect addition to deer-ridden gardens, and while no plant is 100% deer or rabbit-proof, these furry friends tend to stay away from strongly scented plants.

3. Pollinator Friendly

Did you know planting herbs in your garden can help support your local pollinator population? Pollinators are huge fans of many of the flowers that bloom on herbs. The flowers on most herbs are often overlooked compared to their foliage, or they’re clipped/trimmed off! Consider leaving your flowers alone this year as not only are they usually edible, they also offer a meal for pollinators who will often dine on the pollen and nectar of their flowers.

Close up of the light pink bloom of the Ellagance Pink Lavender

Pictured above: Lavender

Pictured above: ‘Arp’ Rosemary

4. Compatible With Containers

While not all plants are perfect for containers, most herbs are! Meaning they don’t need to take up a lot of space to be enjoyed in your landscape. Fill a container on your sunny back patio for easy access from the kitchen, or plant it somewhere where you’ll enjoy their fragrance!

Our Favorite Perennial Herbs

Whether you’re picking out herbs to eat, for decoration, to support pollinators or all of the above, we have a variety of ornamental and edible herbs that you can add to your garden this season and enjoy. Below we share a few of our favorite herbs that you should consider adding to your garden this year!

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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