3 Beautiful Container Combinations To Try This Summer

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If you are looking for container recipe inspiration for your summer garden, you’ve come to the right place! Container gardens provide a versatile and easy way to add pops of vibrant color and unexpected dimension to any space, be it a cozy home or a bustling commercial setting. Whether you want to deck out a porch or a patio or use interesting containers to add dimension to a perennial garden, these easy recipes will surely spruce up your landscape. 

How To Use The "Thriller, Filler, & Spiller" Container Gardening Technique

Before we get started, we want to introduce you to a container garden design technique that can help you build a balanced container. This method is nearly foolproof, and we used it as a base for choosing our plants! Of course, you can add your own personal flair (that’s the fun in gardening!), but we hope you can take this technique with you to keep your container garden exciting year after year. When choosing plants for your container, keep the following elements in mind to build a well-rounded container:

Thriller: To start, choose a plant (or plants) to become your container’s “thriller” or focal point. The thriller is a plant that adds drama, exciting texture, vibrant color, or vertical height to your container.

Filler: Next, choose a “filler” plant (or plants) to place around the thriller. These plants may have a round or mounded habit to make the container look fuller. They also can add some contrasting color or texture to your container. 

Spiller: Lastly, choose a plant (or plants) to act as a “spiller” for your container. This is to fill out any bare space close to the container’s sides or to cascade outside the border. This could be a ground cover or a low-growing perennial.

3 Easy Perennial Container Recipes:

Colorful shade container with "Thriller, filler, spiller" labels

Colorful Shade Container Recipe

Who said shade gardens were dull? These shade-loving container plants bring vibrant color and exciting texture to shaded porches or patios! We love how beautifully the raspberry-pink astilbe and coral bells tie together to contrast the green foliage from the other container plants. To bring color to your shaded area, consider using this container recipe.

Learn more about how to plant a mixed container for shade in our video tutorial HERE.

Sensory garden container in an outdoor patio with "Thriller, filler, and spiller" labels

Sensory Container Recipe

A sensory container tries to combine garden plants that evoke a feeling of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. This is a great container project that could involve kids! The grass creates a beautiful whooshing sound in the wind, the lavender flowers and foliage emit a lovely scent, and the rush and wormwood have an interesting, unique texture. Give the following plants a try in your sensory container:

Pollinator container filled with colorful perennials in an outdoor garden with "Thriller, filler, and spiller" labels

Pollinator Pit Stop Container Recipe

We went a little crazy with the amount of thrillers in this container, but it was worth it for all the pollinators do for us! When choosing these plants, we tried to include something that would attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. All these container plants thrive in full sun and heat, so we expect them to grow and fill out this container quite nicely during the summer.

Container Plants For Sale:

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