15 Cat-Friendly Plants For Your Garden

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with a curious and playful feline friend, you understand the importance of creating a safe and harmonious environment for them to thrive. As you begin creating your gardening plan, you may struggle to find feline-friendly foliage that won’t harm them. Stop the search here: if you’re looking for cat-friendly outdoor garden alternatives, you’ve come to the right place!

From vibrant flowers to lush shrubs, all the cat-friendly plants in this blog are confirmed as non-toxic to cats by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). To see the full list, click HERE. Let’s get started.

Cat-friendly plants perennials

Pictured above: Jacob’s Ladder

Purple flowers from Russian sage


The icy foliage on Russian sage is one cool cat! Once established, Russian sage thrives in hot and dry environments, making it an excellent addition to gardeners looking for pet-friendly options in growing zones 4-9. No worries if your cat bumps into them; their strong upright stems won’t flop over easily.


The vertical flowers from spike speedwell may intrigue your furry friends to play, but it’s okay because it’s non-toxic to pets. Enjoy vibrant blue, white, and pink flower spikes all summer. Try pairing alongside tickseed, daylilies, and yarrow for a low-maintenance perennial garden.

fluffy gray striped kittens by pink speedwell
At Last rose is covered in stunning apricot blooms with vibrant green foliage

Pictured above: At Last Rose


Pet-friendly garden options never have to be boring! Roses are a showy garden favorite that emits a beautiful scent that humans love, all while being safe for your furry friends. While the flowers are gorgeous and non-toxic, cats likely will steer clear of roses due to their prickly stems.


Tickseed is a compact flower that can thrive in nearly any sunny site! These plants may create a playground for your cats, as they attract pollinators like butterflies. Simply tuck them into container spaces or raised garden beds for a bright and sunny display.

Bunches of Uptick Gold & Bronze Tickseed with vibrant yellow flowers and red eyes
yellow-green moss growing from between rocks

(Sagina subulata )

Are you looking for a cat-friendly landscaping solution? Irish moss is a soft ground cover that resembles moss and features a vibrant green color with blooming white flowers come spring. Aside from use in mass plantings, Irish moss also can be quickly filled between stepping stones or tucked into rock gardens.

(Rosmarinus officinalis)

The strong fragrance from rosemary can attract any creature, human or feline, to the garden. But don’t worry; rosemary is non-toxic, and your cat can freely nibble on this herb. On the other hand, herbs like mint and oregano are toxic to pets.

green needle like foliage of the Arp Rosemary shrub in a pot beside other potted plants
Infinitini Magenta Crapemyrtle with deep pink blooms dotting vibrant green foliage

(Lagerstroemia indica)

Crapemyrtle gives you vibrant contrasting foliage in a space-saving habit for growing zone 6-10! While your feline friend is sunbathing, they can enjoy the vibrant color and frilly petals. This superstar shrub is also deer-resistant, heat tolerant, and easy to grow. What’s not to love?


Vibrant fiery blooms from ice plants last over three months and spread quickly throughout your garden. This plant is truly a summer-lover and works as an excellent ground cover that thrives in heat and drought. Just plant in a sunny spot, and you’re good to grow!

Close Up of the tightly packed bright yellow flowers with white centers on the Hot Cakes Banana Blast Ice Plant
Orchid Satin Rose of Sharon with pink blooms and red eyes

(Hibiscus syriacus)

Rose of Sharon is an elegant addition to any flowering hedge or a striking backdrop to smaller perennials. Walk in your garden alongside your feline friend and view its spectacular display of large color flowers atop sturdy, tall stems.


Attract the pollinators and keep your furry friends safe with Jacob’s Ladder! Its delicate clustered flowers stand tall on sturdy stems and are nontoxic to cats and dogs. Plus, it’s deer-resistant, cold hardy, and heat tolerant!

purple jacob's ladder
'Emerald Blue' Creeping Phlox Deer Resistant

(Phlox subulata)

Create a mesmerizing floral display with a mass planting of creeping phlox! This low-growing evergreen groundcover will invite your cats to cascade along vibrant small pink, yellow, purple, and white flowers.


Coral bells are a fantastic addition to other cat-friendly plants in the shade garden due to their versatility and resiliency. As an added bonus, coral bells are low maintenance and can easily be tucked into small spaces.

Pink coral bells
A sea of vibrant red blooms creating a carpet to cover the soil

(Thymus praecox 'Coccineus')

Red creeping thyme (or any thyme, for that matter) is safe for cats and offers antioxidant properties like vitamin C and calcium when consumed. This ground cover also grows densely and chokes out weeds in the process!

(Ilex crenata)

Are you looking for a pet-friendly plant for your privacy hedge? Japanese holly features a stunning shape that can be easily trimmed into a unique shape! Get creative and add to a small hedge, and you’ll be stunned year-round.

Japanese Holly on a porch
cat napping near stonecrop (sedum)


Compact and easy to care for, sedum is an excellent option for gardeners strapped for space and needing pet-friendly options. While some succulent varieties pose a risk to your feline friends, sedum is considered non-toxic, according to the ASPCA. You’re cat may enjoy taking a nap next to its glossy, fresh-scented foliage.

Written by: Lindsey Griffith, click here to read bio.

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