10 Types Of Hydrangeas for Small Gardens

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If you have a small garden or are short on space, the question “do I have room for a hydrangea?” has probably crossed your mind at least once or twice. Often when we think of hydrangeas in terms of their size, big, full shrubs are the first thing that comes to mind. But with smaller hydrangeas, you can get everything you love about the plant (think big full blooms) without taking up too much space in your garden. These small but mighty shrubs are ideal for border hedges, tucking into flowerbeds, and more! Here, we’ll discuss 10 types of hydrangeas perfect for small gardens.

How Small Is A "Small" Hydrangea?

In this blog, we classify small hydrangeas as plants that grow to be 3′ or under, with a few exceptions. This is quite small compared to some classic favorites like ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea, which can grow to be 8 feet tall. We recommend those who need a small hydrangea get one of these suggested varieties instead of pruning a larger hydrangea to size. This not only makes your life easier when it comes to garden maintenance, but it will also leave you with a better-looking plant in the long run. But luckily for gardeners everywhere, there is truly a hydrangea for every sized garden! Keep reading to discover our 10 favorite small hydrangeas, sorted by variety.

Bigleaf Hydrangeas

(Hydrangea macrophylla)

Let's Dance® Blue Jangles® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Height x Width: 1 - 2' Tall x 3' Wide

Blue hydrangeas are a classic garden addition. But before Let’s Dance® Blue Jangles® bigleaf hydrangea entered the scene, many gardeners may not have had room for them. This hydrangea from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs is the most compact blue hydrangea on the market! Letting gardeners everywhere enjoy those beautiful blue blooms even if they are short on space.

Note: Flower color will depend on soil pH. To ensure blue blooms, be sure to get your soil tested from your local extension program. Acidic soil that contains aluminum is the ideal condition for blue hydrangeas.

Close up of Let's Dance Blue Jangles bigleaf hydrangea with blue-purple blooms
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Wee Bit Grumpy® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Height x Width: 2' Tall x 2.5' Wide

Compact habit but big on blooms! Wee Bit Grumpy® bigleaf hydrangea boasts large purple or pink blooms (color depending on soil pH) that are incredibly reliable. Thanks to its dwarf size, this hydrangea is incredibly useful in the landscape, and you won’t have to worry about cutting it back to keep it at a small and manageable height. Those who love Wee Bit Grumpy® should also consider Wee Bit Giddy® bigleaf hydrangea, which reaches 2-3′ tall and wide and features red-pink to slightly purple blooms depending on the soil.

Cityline® Paris Bigleaf Hydrangea

Height x Width: 1 - 2' Tall x 2' Wide

In need of a hydrangea that will fit anywhere, doesn’t need pruning, and is incredibly vibrant? Cityline® Paris bigleaf hydrangea checks all those boxes! The blooms on this hydrangea are incredibly saturated with a vibrant pink. If you’re a gardener seeking a pink hydrangea that won’t turn blue, this one is for you! Plus, it has lovely glossy foliage that resists disease, adding to its season-long beauty.

Smooth Hydrangeas

(Hydrangea Arborescens)

Invincibelle Wee White® Smooth Hydrangea

Height x Width: 1 - 2.5' Tall x 2' Wide

The first and only of its kind, Invincibelle Wee White® smooth hydrangea is the only dwarf ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea around. It’s the smallest smooth hydrangea available! Growing to be 1-2.5′ tall and wide, this is one small hydrangea. Thanks to its small size, we’ve found it to be an incredibly versatile choice. Try planting it as a low hedge or using it in a container. Its crisp white blooms and dark green foliage won’t let you down.

Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® Smooth Hydrangea

Height x Width: 2.5 - 3' Tall x 3' Wide

While Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® smooth hydrangea may look small, it is certainly mighty! With strong stems, an abundance of blooms, and lovely mauve-pink color, this small hydrangea looks perfect all season long. Thanks to its small size, you’ll be able to easily tuck it into any spot in your garden.

Panicle Hydrangeas

(Hydrangea paniculata)

Bobo® Panicle Hydrangea

Height x Width: 3 - 4' Tall x 4' Wide

If you’re looking for a hydrangea with boatloads of blooms, look no further than Bobo® panicle hydrangea. This hydrangea has a tiny frame that grows to be covered entirely in flushes of white cone-shaped flowers throughout the season. Plus, thanks to their lacy appearance, its blooms look extra special in cut flower arrangements. Thanks to its dwarf size, almost every garden has room for this panicle hydrangea!

Little Lime® Panicle Hydrangea

Height x Width: 3 - 5' Tall x 5' Wide

It’s hard not to love the creamy green blooms of ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea (or Limelight Prime®.) If you’ve found yourself longing for this popular panicle hydrangea but don’t have space in your landscape, Little Lime® hydrangea might be the perfect alternative. A dwarf version of ‘Limelight” growing to be 3-5’ tall and wide, Little Lime® hydrangea is not only beautiful, but it’s versatile too! It makes a lovely addition to flowerbeds, low hedges, and more!

Fire Light Tidbit® Panicle Hydrangea

Height x Width: 3' Tall 3' Wide

If you’re looking for the smallest panicle hydrangea we offer, Fire Light Tidbit® hydrangea is the shrub for you. Reaching 2-3′ tall and wide, this is one hydrangea that can be planted just about anywhere! Covered in large mophead blooms that appear earlier than other varieties, you’ll find yourself in awe each season when you see its flowering display. Like Fire Light® hydrangea, it boasts the same white blooms that are to a vibrant pink and then to red and autumn approaches.

Mountain Hydrangeas

(Hydrangea Serrata)

Tiny Tuff Stuff™ Mountain Hydrangea

Height x Width: 1.5 - 2' Tall x 2' Wide

Though Tiny Tuff Stuff™ hydrangea may look delicate when its covered head to toe in lacecap blooms, it’s anything but! This reblooming hydrangea is incredibly high-performing and reliable. Living up to its name, Tiny Tuff Stuff™ is the smallest mountain hydrangea we grow, reaching just 1.5-2′ tall and wide. When do you prune this small but mighty hydrangea? Not at all! This tiny plant eliminates the need to prune or trim this shrub to manage its size.

Tuff Stuff™ Mountain Hydrangea

Height x Width: 2 - 3' Tall x 3' Wide

We couldn’t mention mountain hydrangeas and not discuss the classic Tuff Stuff™ hydrangea. A little bigger than its counterpart Tiny Tuff Stuff™, this shrub grows to be 2-3′ tall and wide, making it still a small and manageable addition to your landscape. Its habit looks neat and tidy all season long, even when it’s covered in bright pink or purple (flower color depends on soil pH) blooms!

Great Garden Tip: As you’re searching for plants to add to your garden, be sure to checkout out each plant’s “details” tab in the More Information section to see what its mature height and width will be! Our space-savers and container-friendly plant collections are also great resources for finding plants that are suitable for small gardens. 

We hope this blog showed you that even if you’re short on space, you still might have room for one of these blooming beauties. With so many varieties to choose from, there’s an option for every style and size of the garden! You can even plant one in your favorite container if you’re really short on space! While we didn’t have room to list every small-scale hydrangea we carry, there are still a few more wonderful varieties that are great options for those not wanting to sacrifice too much space. Check them out by heading to our Hydrangeas for Small Spaces page to see these and the rest of the varieties featured in this blog. If you ask us, hydrangeas are always worth the space they take up, no matter how big or small!

Written by: Miranda Niemiec, click here to read bio.

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